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    FX lightsabers & Solo Blaster

    Does any have fx lightsaber, wanting to buy one (Kenobi's ROTS or ANH), just didnt know if the were legit. Also does anyone know where I could purchase replica Han Solo Blaster?

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    The FX sabers are awesome. Have a bunch of them myself. The only Kenobi FX saber is the one from ROTS. But it's a good one!

    I'd check Ebay for Han Solo blaster replicas. There are some great custom made blasters and then there the official licenced versions made by Master Replicas -which are first rate! I own the Han ANH and ESB versions. There are some good deals to be found. Just be patient and on the lookout.
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    The licensed Han blaster replicas are going for a lot of money these days on the aftermarket, as high as $900, and as such, there's a ton of non-licensed ones, resin and even paint jobs on top of Kenner and Rubies pieces. There's also a lot of the Master Replicas scaled replica version, 1/3rd scale.
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