My brother found one for me at Target and I got around to putting it together last night. While its not as exciting as the AT-AT or BMF, I think its a good vehicle that will appeal to collectors or kids. Its has a very solid feeling to it. I kinda thought that the detaching cockpit would be rather loose, but thats not a problem at all. The wings attach very solidly to the body(a little too well). I couldn't figure out how to move the wings up and down at first. I thought it was similiar to the imperial shuttle, so I was looking for the button. Well, there isn't one for that. You pull them up and down by hand. They basically lock(very well) into the landing, playset, and flight modes.

The playset feature I think kids will enjoy alot. I prefer to have it set up in just the shuttle mode and load it down with troops and equipment. I think it works well in both modes.

There are plenty of phrases and sound effects to make any kid happy. The only lights it has are inside the cargo bay. I kinda wished the engines would have lit up.

An assembly note: I had a heck of a time getting the wings to snap into place. It takes a fair amount of force and you're pushing it down at an awkward angle. I found that the best thing to do is loosen the screws on the wing where it attaches to the main body, push it on, and tighten the screws back up. Those puppies should never fall off.

At $80, its a decent value. The CW Y-Wing was $70 a few years back and you weren't getting the electronics and all the other features this thing has.