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    We haven't done a major site vote since 2005 and 76% of those figures we wanted got made in the past 7 years. (90% of our ROTS choices, too!) Wow!

    For this one, we're going to just go with a write-in to start out with. Voting in this round will close on October 8th for the tallying. Then we'll see if any more work on our list is needed.

    Write up a list of 50 figures you'd want (I don't want to tally more than 50 and that is more than the amount of new sculpts Hasbro is offering us lately).

    The Top 14 are already chosen (by us) from those old polls. They are not the "TOP" 14, as after October's tally, we will vote on that again (as I'll offer up to a possible 64 choices at that point), but I don't want to discount the older members' original votes.

    Making the preliminary list already are (and you can certainly vote for them now - as it will help their case):

    Tey How (Trade Federation Ship - TPM)
    Senator Amidala (Palpatine's office AOTC)
    Jocasta Nu (Jedi Temple - AOTC)
    Queen Jamilla (Theed Palace - AOTC)
    Cliegg Lars (Tatooine Homestead - AOTC)
    Tonbuck Toora (Separatist Council -NOTE character was actually ROGWA WOODRATA - so specify - AOTC)
    Senator Amidala (Senate Landing Platform - hair in "Leia buns," - ROTS)
    Birthing Droid (Polis Masan, birth of the twins - ROTS)
    Reegesk (Mos Eisley Cantina - ANH)
    Tonnika Sister (Mos Eisley Cantina - ANH)
    Treva Horme (Cloud City - ESB)
    Torryn Farr (Hoth Echo Base - ESB)
    Sgt. Doallyn (Jabba's Sailbarge - ROTJ)
    Sim Aloo (Imperial Dignitary - ROTJ)

    So - 36 of your most frequent 50 figures voted for will be combined with the above, with these 14 figures being ranked in the final Top 50 of this poll at either numbers 37-50, or wherever they fall in the vote count (Cliegg Lars usually gets a lot of votes for example - so he could make the Top 10 again).

    If any of the above 14 do not get more votes than the Top 50 altogether, a final ranking poll after October 8th could eliminate them (so vote for them NOW if you still want them!) and that vote-by-ranking-poll will be out of a specific (64 or less) previously-voted-for-character list. This is not that complicated and very fair, considering we had very good results wit the lists we made in the past.

    So - in this poll, list 50 characters you want - and the order you list them in does not matter.

    Each member gets 1 vote - so if you need to edit your post later, and cannot, if you re-post again, your final voting list is what I'll count. (You can make it easier for me by posting all 50 - or whatever number UNDER that which you are voting for in your final post). Thanks!

    All characters qualify EXCEPT if they would come out as animated figures for the Clone Wars cartoon network line. There's a separate poll running for that.

    So, yes, if you want realisitc styled figures from CW, you can vote for that version of Ahsoka here. All other EU sources are available to vote from as well.

    List away!
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    FYI - Scene by Scene for reference:


    Trade Federation Ship
    Theed Palace
    Otah Gunga
    Theed Hanger
    Mos Espa
    Pod Race
    Coruscant Landing Platform
    Jedi High Council
    Galactic Senate
    Battle of Naboo
    Theed Ceremony


    Coruscant Landing Platform
    Palpatine's Office
    Padme's Apartment
    Speeder Chase
    Club Outlander
    Jedi High Council
    Refugee Freighter
    Dexter's Diner
    Jedi Library
    Theed Palace
    Padme's Parents' Home (cut-scene)
    Naboo Lake Retreat
    Naboo Waterfalls
    Separatist Council
    Mos Espa
    Lars Moisture Farm
    Galactic Senate
    Battle of Geonosis
    Secret Sith Lair on Coruscant
    Clone Army Staging Platform
    Anakin and Padme's Wedding


    Space Battle over Coruscant
    Invisible Hand
    Senate Landing Platform
    Separtists on Utopau
    Padme's Apartment
    Jedi Temple
    Coruscant Opera
    Battle of Utopau
    Palpatine's Office
    Order 66 - Mygeeto, Fallucia, Kato-Niemoidia, Selucamei, Coruscant
    Tantive IV
    Galactic Senate
    Polis Masan
    Coruscant Medical Lab
    Lars Moisture Farm, Tatooine


    Blockade Runner
    Jawas, Sandtroopers in the Desert
    Lars Moisture Farm
    Tusken Raiders
    Ben Kenobi's home
    Death Star Conference Room
    Mos Eisley
    Docking Bay 94
    Death Star bridge
    Millennium Falcon
    Death Star Escape
    Yavin Base
    Battle of Yavin
    Rebel Ceremony


    Echo Base
    The Executor
    Battle of Hoth
    Millennium Falcon in the asteroids
    mynock hunt
    Jedi Training
    Cloud City
    carbon freezing chamber
    Bespin Jedi duel
    Cloud City escape
    Rebel medical frigate


    Death Star Landing Bay
    Jabba The Hutt's Palace
    Battle at the Pit of Carkoon (Jabba's sailbarge)
    Emperor's Arrival
    Rebel Mission Briefing on Home One
    Mon Calamari ship landing bay
    Endor forest
    Ewok Village
    shield bunker
    Emperor's Throne Room
    Battle of Endor
    Space Battle at Death Star II
    Ewok Celebration

    Quick Reference for some EU:

    TOTJ - Golden Age of the Sith / Ulic Qel Droma & Exar Kun's Sith War
    Jedi Apprentice era (Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan)
    Quinlan Vos' adventures in Republic
    Clone Wars (realistic - comics, Gennedy series, novels, etc)
    Jedi Purge
    Dark Times
    Young Han Solo, early Rebellion
    post-ANH adventures of Luke Skywalker
    Shadows of the Empire / bounty hunter stuff
    end of the Galactic Civil War (Rogue Squadron, Heir to the Empire, etc)
    New Republic
    New Jedi Order (pre and post Yuuzhan Vong invasion, incuding Young Jedi Knights)
    Legacy era (Ben Skywalker)
    Legacy COMIC era (Cade Skywalker, Fel Empire)

    Maybe this list will jog your memory concerning what you still want.

    I'm curious to know how long the line will continue to keep our interest.

    You can vote for resculpts btw.
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    My want list is seriously shrinking so this should be pretty easy:

    Wookiee Warriors - any and all

    Cantina Band Member
    Blue Snaggletooth

    Weequay Hunter (vintage Weequay)
    Velken Tezeri
    Klaatu Skiff Guard (grey outfit)
    Yak Face
    Cane Adiss
    Klaatu Skiff (Yotts Oren)
    Vintage Nikto
    Taym Dren-garen
    Sgt. Doallyn

    EU (all realistically styled even if they came from an animated source):
    Jann Tosh (Droids cartoon)
    Chukha-Trok (Ewok Adventure)
    Kaink (Ewok Adventure)
    Jaxxon (Marvel comics)
    Ackmena (Holiday Special)
    Vlix (Droids cartoon)
    Princess Kneesaa (Ewoks cartoon)
    Thal Joben (Droids cartoon)
    Uncle Gundy (Droids cartoon)
    Kez Iban (Droids cartoon)
    Jord Dusat (Droids cartoon)
    Kea Moll (Droids cartoon)
    Mon Julpa (Droids cartoon)
    Admiral Screed (Droids cartoon)
    Noa (Battle for Endor)
    Cindel (Battle for Endor)

    EU - Ewoks cartoon (animated styling)
    Chief Chirpa
    Erpham Warrick

    That should add up to 50, I believe.
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    The last figure list I made up was this:

    1. Anakin Solo
    2. HK-47 on a card so I don't have to buy figures I don't want.
    3. Dash Rendar not to POTJ2 scale.
    4. Tsvong Lah
    5. Nom Anor
    6. Vong Warrior
    7. Super Articulated Scout Trooper on a more accurate Speeder Bike. (If they made one, I couldn't find it)
    8. Mara Jade Skywalker
    9. Bastilla Shan
    10. Carth Onasi
    11. T3-M4
    12. Canderous Ordo
    13. Jolee Bindo
    14. Captain Gilad Pellaeon
    15. Noghri
    16. Darth Cadeus
    17. Jaina Solo (LOTF)
    18. Garm Bel-Iblis
    20. Guri
    21. LE-B02D9 (Leebo)
    22. Borsk Fey'lya
    23. Vergere
    24. Admiral Daala
    Of that list, only 3 were made.
    So I'll start there.

    1. Anakin Solo
    2. HK-47 on a card so I don't have to buy figures I don't want.
    3. Dash Rendar not to POTJ2 scale.
    4. Tsvong Lah
    5. Ben Skywalker
    6. Vong Warrior
    7. Super Articulated Scout Trooper on a more accurate Speeder Bike. (If they made one, I couldn't find it)
    8. Mara Jade Skywalker
    9. Chukha-Trok
    10. Carth Onasi
    11. T3-M4
    12. Canderous Ordo
    13. Jolee Bindo
    14. Captain Gilad Pellaeon
    15. Noghri
    16. Darth Cadeus
    17. Jaina Solo (LOTF)
    18. Garm Bel-Iblis
    20. Guri
    21. LE-B02D9 (Leebo)
    22. Tahiri Veila
    23. Vergere
    24. Admiral Daala
    25. Admiral Screed
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    I find myself not so excited as I was a few years ago, but here's 36 I'd love to see. I just happened to come up with the same number as empty spaces. I'll add 14 more if I'm able to. (I left off the ones you listed on purpose.)

    Admiral Pellaeon
    Anakin Solo
    Arven Wendik
    Borsk Feyla
    Cindel Towani
    Corran Horn (Jedi Master)
    Diva Shaliqua
    Essara Till
    Giant Mouse Droid
    Joruus C'Baoth
    Kaink (non-naked resculpt)
    King Terak
    Kyp Durron (Jedi Master)
    Lowbacca (to heck with Lucas's ban on Jedi Wookiees!!)
    Mara Jade (Arica disguise)
    Mara Jade (Jedi Master)
    Marauder Warrior
    Noa Briqualon
    Overlord Shimmra
    Princess Kneesa
    Sarissa Jeng (preferably on a Vintage card that calls her Hi-Yaaah Girl)
    Tahiri Veila (possibly with Ikrit as a pack-in)
    Tenel Ka
    Thrackan Sal-Solo
    Warmaster Tsavong Lah
    Zorba the Hutt

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    1. Tey How
    2. Mik Regrap
    3. Lott Dod's Financial Officer
    4. Neimoidian Trade Federation Occupation Council Member I
    5. Neimoidian Trade Federation Occupation Council Member II
    6. Neimoidian Trade Federation Occupation Council Member III
    7. Neimoidian Trade Federation Occupation Council Member IV
    9. Nute Gunray
    10. Rune Haako
    11. PK Droid w/ Build a Battle Droid parts.
    12. Battle Droid - Pilot
    13. Battle Droid - Security
    15. Droideka - Transformable


    1. Tikkes
    2. Rogwa Wodrata
    3. Denaria Kee
    4. Rune Haako/Gilramos Libkath
    5. Wat Tambor
    6. Poggle the Lesser
    7. Nute Gunray
    8. Passel Argente
    9. Neimoidian Ground Crewman I
    10. Neimoidian Ground Crewman II


    1. Nute Gunray
    2. Rune Haako
    3. Rute Gunnay
    4. Tikkes
    5. Po Nudo's Aide
    6. Shu Mai
    7. Neimoidian Warrior
    8. General Grievous (The newest gummy one SUCKS!)
    9. Passel Argente
    10. Denaria Kee

    I'll update my list later with the other 20.

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    Edited four new ones into my list, they're in bold.

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    Great to see this thread started, I always enjoy a good poll! Thanks Tycho!


    Arleil Schous
    Banniss Keeg
    Luke Farmboy (all new)
    Mosep Binneed
    Rycar Ryjerd


    Bespin Guard - Moustache (vintage update)
    Treva Horme
    Yoda (modern update to finally top vintage figure)


    Harc Sef
    Klaatu Skiff Guard - Grey Outfit (vintage Sigma update)
    Lumat (vintage update... I think they might've confirmed this recently?)
    Nien Nunb
    Shasa Tiel
    Sim Aloo (vintage update)
    Vintage Nikto (how has this guy not got a name yet??)


    Edcel Bar Gane
    Kitster & Wald
    Neva Kee
    Onaconda Farr


    Cliegg Lars
    Dar Wac
    Gondrin Upal
    Onaconda Farr
    Rogwa Wodrata
    Tas Kee
    Tikkes / Tundra Dowmeia


    Lampay Fay
    Tikkes / Tundra Dowmeia
    Utai - short
    Waks Trode
    Zyn Javeb


    Muuurgh (from Han Solo Trilogy)
    Big thanks to DarkJedi5, TheRealDubya, obi-dad, morpheus282, Tycho and Kidhuman for great deals/trades.

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    This is all I have:

    1. Tonnika Sister, cantina (this is an internal list - I see no reason not to include them)
    2. Reegesk the Ranat, cantina
    3. Shasa Tiel, Jabba's Palace Ishi Tibb
    4. Taym Dren-Garen, the human guard that shot Luke on the Sail Barge
    5. Sgt. Doallyn, Jabba's Palace
    6. Sim Aloo, vintage Imperial Dignitary
    7. Lumat the Ewok
    8. Cliegg Lars
    9. Kitster
    10. Wald
    11. Emperor Palpatine announcing the formation of the Empire resculpt
    12. Rycar Ryjerd, little person from the cantina
    13. Garouf Lafoe, cantina snitch
    14. A New Hope Uncle Owen resculpt
    15. Sy Snootles resculpt based on the original edition, not Special Edition
    16. Banniss Keeg, Duros, cantina
    17. Solomahal, Cantina
    18. Mosep, Cantina
    19. Defel, Arleil Schous, wolfman cantina
    20. Lirin C'arn, Bith from cantina sitting in cantina, not in band
    21. Melas, special edition pipe smoking lizard, cantina
    22. Tzivvt, cantina fly
    23. Worrt, eats bug outside Jabba's Palace
    24. Hoover the Attark, Jabba's Palace
    25. Cane Adiss, Jabba's Palace
    26. White Bespin Guard with mustache like vintage figure
    27. Jabba's Palace Yuzzum, pre-Special Edition, Wam Lufba/Blam
    28. F'u Man-Chu, cantina
    29. Fozec, Jabba’s Palace
    30. Yerka Mig, “mop top”, human at bar in cantina wearing jacket
    31. Ariq Joanson, human at bar in cantina
    32. Torryn Farr
    33. Treva Horme
    34. Lars farm power droid like vintage figure
    35. Vintage Nikto figure
    36. Death Squad Commander in Gray, like vintage figure

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    Here's my list of figures:


    Senator Palpatine
    Captain Panaka (all new sculpt like Captain Typho)
    Destroyer Droid (capable of folding up)
    Queen Amidala (all new sculpts of all the outfits she wears in the film)


    Padme Amidala - Geonosis Arena (riped version)
    Padme Amidala - Senate Arrival (Palpatine's Office)
    Handmaiden Dorme
    Dexter - (larger sculpt and more accessories)
    Clone Cadet youth 2 Pack
    Boba Fett (new sculpt and accessories)
    Nute Gunray
    Rune Harko
    Jedi younglings 2 pack (2 all new younglings with articulation and accessories)
    Female Waitress from Dex's Diner (can never remember her name Hermione I think)
    Generic Jedi Knights from Geonosis (the ones that toss Obi Wan and Anakin the lightsabers)
    Generic Jedi Knight Female (the one that scream Hiiiyaaaa)


    Emperor Palpatine - Rise of the Empire
    Chancellor Palpatine - Duel with the Jedi (non-scarred head sculpt)
    Wookiee Warriors - all new sculpts and various fur colors / patterns
    Tarful (all new sculpt and larger size)
    Mon Calamari Dancer (From Opera House)
    Padme Amidala - Rise of the Empire
    Padme Amidala - green dress with hood
    Padme Amidala - Mustafar Outfit
    Padme Amidala - (Annie I'm Pregnant)
    Padme Amidala - (Padme's Apartment Order 66)
    Padme Amidala - (Padme's Apartment - Obi Wan's Visit)
    Polis Massin Birthing Droids
    Rise of the Empire Bail Organa
    Funeral Wagon with Padme Amidala (I kow morbid but still would love to have one)


    Princess Leia - Yavin Ceremony
    Grand Moff Tarkin
    Wedge Antilles (another one for those of us who are missing the Vintage version - maybe new younger head sculpt)
    Jabba the Hutt (deleted Human actor version)
    Imperial Officer (holding her is dangerous Tantive IV)
    Uncle Owen (new figure - can be kitbash of Owen from the comic pack with new head sculpt)
    Aunt Beru
    Jawa - Vinyl Cape (throwback for those of us that had one back in 77)
    General Tagge
    Luke Skywalker Farmboy (finally need the definative Mark Hamill likeness with all of the Tatoonie accessories)


    Han Solo in Carbonite (all new sculpt and electronic Carbonite block)
    Luke Skywalker Hoth (all new SA definative version (non-scarred face))
    Admiral Piett ( all new SA Sculpt)
    Dagobah Training Luke (all new SA sculpt)
    Lobot (needs a update from the OTC version)
    General Riekan (all new sculpt SA )
    Lando Calrissian (all new sculpt and needs an update from the VOTC version)
    Princess Leia Bespin Gown (all new sculpt SA)
    Princess Leia Besoin Escape (all new Sculpt SA)
    Bespin Security Guard (all new sculpt of the classic Kenner Mustache version)


    Luke Skywalker Jedi Knight (all new sculpt, SA, cloth vest and cloak, tons of accessories)
    Princess Leia Ewok Dress (all new sculpt SA with perhaps a baby wokling)
    Cane Addis
    Gamorrean Guard (basic re-issue of the Wave 3 vintage)
    Arica - Mara Jade in disguise ( all new SA)
    General Madine (all new sculpt - SA)
    Mon Mothma (All new sculpt - maybe soft goods dress)
    Imperial Dignitary (All new sculpt of the vintage Kenner version)
    Max Rebo Band (all new sculpts based on the classic Kenner molds)
    Human Skiff Guard
    Klaatu - Skiff Guard


    Admiral Screed
    Grand Master Luke Skywalker (Jedi Robes)
    Kam Solusar
    Mara Jade Skywalker
    Darth Cadeous
    Kenth Hamner (Jedi Master)
    Admiral Daala
    Corran Horn (Jedi Master)
    Han Solo (NJO version)
    Princess Leia Organa Solo (NJO version)
    Ben Skywalker
    Vestra Khai
    Looking for CW 2010 Sidious and TX-20...if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated. thanks


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