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    First impressions:

    * I want to be a coconut vendor like Vince. But I won't wear feathers in my hair,

    * The rice/beans/immunity idol dilemma was an interesting twist. All of the groups agreed that getting the idol clue was a good thing but only the white collar group took it. And the lie they concocted was pretty paper thin.

    * Two guys on the white collar tribe wear glasses, and they still couldn't get fire!

    * So long, So. Just had to say that. That lie. Jocquim's days are numbered, too.

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    First blindside of the season. I will miss Vince just because he was probably the most interesting person this season. Paranoid, an egomaniac, yes, but still interesting.

    And Will nailed it right on the head: water is a black man's kryptonite.

    I can understand Max going necked, but the lady going bottomless?


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