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    Constantine - Hellblazer on TV

    So, last night was the 4th episode of NBC's Constantine. I've been watching since the pilot aired but didn't see the original version of that, and until last night it wasn't really doing anything for me. However, last night's episode was head and shoulders above the previous, and stepped up their game by several notches.

    Basically, it's an adaptation of Hellblazer #1, the bottom line is that our protagonist ends up doing something very unheroic, he doesn't find another way, he simply does what he must to finish the job by sacrificing a friend's life on purpose with full forethought. It's a nuanced episode, it has some spooky stuff, some gross stuff but not overboard, some trippy stuff, and a good touch of humor. It's thoughtful without being too cerebral, and sadly only a handful of folks actually saw it.

    So, anybody else watching Constantine? After last night, you should be, you could do way worse this season.

    Unfortunately, NBC doesn't really seem to know how to market it, they just put a picture of the main character on a poster and call it a day. The ratings were abysmal despite no real competition. They don't get that there are people looking for something else from network tv and some episodes - like last night's - will get those folks talking if it can find them.
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    Been watching since the first episode too. The 4th episode is definitely the closest portrayal we've had of the character to his comic book counterpart to date. Being on Friday night isn't exactly doing the show much favors.
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