Well, since I still don't have cable, I'm forced to download the episodes off of iTunes, so I just watched the season 2 premiere yesterday.

Usually, I'm that guy who likes to read the books and get the basic story down, including how everything ends, before I even watch movies or shows like this. However, I'm making a concerted effort to stay as "spoiler-free" as possible for this show. I don't know what's going to happen next and I don't want to know. So, as you might guess, the ending of this week's show caught me completely off guard.

I'm assuming that this turn of events was in the comic book, but it's still a pretty gutsy thing to put on television.

My only minor gripe is a tiny one. I understand that mediums like TV and comics prefer to have strong visual representations of spiritual or religious beliefs; but I don't know that any Southern Baptist Church would ever have a statue of Jesus Christ on the cross right in the center of their sanctuary (I was raised Southern Baptist, but am currently in a Presbyterian Church). They might have a cross, but it will always be empty; because praying to a carved image of Jesus/GOD is still considered idolatry. I'm assuming it was a concession made for storytelling purposes and it's good to see a show that takes a respectful approach to religion for a change; so it's something that I can overlook.