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I was wondering how long Rick and the Governor could stay oblivious to each other's existence. Looks like that's going to change pretty soon.

I found myself cursing at the TV at certain moments of tonight's episode and cheering at other moments. I also found myself really rooting for Michonne for the first time, as we finally got to see what she was made of. I think she was being dragged down by Andrea too much (when she wasn't just wandering around Woodberry looking creepy) in the earlier episodes for us to get a good idea of what she is really capable of.

So was there really nobody on the other end of the phone? By the end of the episode, I got the impression that Rick had just been talking to himself the whole time.

Oh yes, and the whole question of "what the heck happened to Carol?" has finally been answered.
No mystery about Carol. Glad to see she's survived.

I, too, was glad to see a little Michonne action. Even with a bum leg, I was hoping she'd jump in and help Glen and Maggie.

As for Rick, I thought the calls were real...until names were mentioned. Then I realized it was his imagination kicking in.

Don't know what to think about Andrea. Thought she saw the light last week with the zombie fights, but apparently not.