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    I was so hoping Andrea would make it. And I was hoping the Gov would've got in the warehouse, but I knew that wouldn't happen.

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    Andrea make what? The killing of the Governor?

    Yeah - there's great development there:

    Michonne wants to kill him.

    Glen wants to kill him for what he did to he and Maggie.

    Maggie *should* want to kill him.

    For Andrea it's personal to want to kill him now as well.

    Actually, Rick does not necessarily have a personal agenda against the Governor. He's just a threat to Rick and has to be removed.

    This reminds me of my favorite Star Trek's situation with Gul Dukat.

    Dukat killed Jadzia Dax and held Kira's mother as his concubine.

    Thus Worf and Kira have extremely strong motivations to take him out - for a very passionate climax - like When Worf cut Duras' head off in ST: TNG - for killng Key'lehr.

    But Sisko takes down Dukat (kind of since he's the captain and star - like Rick is in Walking Dead).

    What I'm getting to is that it's a more powerful impact and passionate story if Maggie kills The Governor for example

    I'd take Maggie, Glen, or Andrea killing him OVER Michonne or Rick. If one of the latter two do it, they rob the first 3 of satisfaction from their vengeance.

    Maggie is probably the best choice, since she's the most unlikely and least thought capable (except that he has no need for vengeance on the Governor, having Carl kill the Governor fits in with this as well).

    Now Merle or Darell could do it and just be like "That's the way you get it done." But it's hardly the emotional impact of say like Ashley Judd's kill in Double Jeopardy.

    Now Glen and Andrea are both killers - but the Governor got in Andrea's head and part of her used to be in love with him. It's a good personal story for her to avenge herself (Andrea) too. But Maggie would be the most surprising.

    It would truly show the Governor reaping what he sowed.
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    I really felt bad for Andrea at the end of the last episode and I think she's now at the top of my list of people that I want to see kill the Governor.

    I'm actually hoping that they resolve this situation with Woodbury and not drag it out for another full season. I don't want to see the Governor continue to cheat death over and over again just because the series needs a strong, central villain. I think if that happens, then I might start to lose in interest in the show.

    If the Governor dies during the season 3 finale, then I will be satisfied. If he survives into season 4, then I'm fine with that as well, as long as all the other characters stop acting like there is any other option to solve their conflict outside of killing the Governor. If the Governor survives season 4, then that will greatly depend on the circumstances surrounding his survival. As long as he doesn't continue to walk unharmed through barrages of gunfire or survive being swarmed by zombies. The show will start to lose a lot of credibility with me if the writers keep that up.

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    Anyone else notice the transition to fall in the last ep? Leaves on the trees are turning, coats are coming out.

    Good points, Tycho. With only two eps left, gotta wonder if some of the major/obvious plotlines will be wrapped up or carried over to next season.

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    I'm okay if the governor survived the season as in like some type of cliffhanger where he comes back for the early part of fourth season.

    If Woodbury falls it will turn into something awful bloody mess!
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    Maybe Randal's group could show up and Woodbury would find itself in the middle of a war on two fronts with the prison on one side and Randal's group on the other.

    Now that I think about it, after they took so much time establishing the Governor as a villain this season, it would feel a bit premature to kill him off before season 4. Now that everyone is starting to turn against the Governor, including Milton, it will be interesting to see the Governor's support structure crumbing around him.

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    Sad to see Merle go and I never thought I'd say that. It's been a while since we've seen a recurring character turn. I think maybe Shane was the last one.

    I'm sure it's going to affect Darryl negatively in some way, but in the long run it's best if he isn't divided between the group and his brother.

    I'm looking forward to the season finale.

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    Great ep last night. Will miss Merle. He knew how to stir the pot. I kinda think Darryl will go on a revenge kick.

    Gotta wonder, with several loose plotlines floating around, how much of the storyline will continue over to next season. BB is right: too much time and great effort has been spent in developing the Gov. Although we want to see him take a bullet to the head right before the credits roll, I don't think it will happen. Starting to think more of a cliffhanger.

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    Best show on TV right now. I loved the last 2 episodes, especially with Andrea trying to take out the Gov. then Merle and their ultimate fates. Wow, I just love it, seems the Gov. lives a charmed life.
    May the force be with you.

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    Really blown away by the season finale. I think the way they handled it with the Governor was pretty awesome. Now there is no doubt in anyone's mind that he's a sociopath. I think I was most disgusted with Martinez and that other guy, because they just stood there while the Governor shot down all those people and then they jumped in the truck with him and drove off.

    Too bad about Andrea and Milton, though. Awesome to see Tyreese and his wife rejoining Rick's side and I'm guessing they cleaned out Woodbury. Time will tell if all those people will be a benefit or a hindrance to Rick's group.

    Also, I think Rick really, really needs to spend some father/son time with Carl next season. He's been an absentee father for too long and it's really starting to take its toll on his son.


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