I came away with an unsatisfied feeling. That's it? After such a great season and that's it? I wanted more. Not enough resolution for me, but hey, that's just me. I do want to see this ep again, maybe this week, maybe in a few months, to see if it's more satisfying.

I wanted to see Martinez get it just as bad as the Governor. The Gov is a psychotic egomaniac who can't come back from the edge of insanity after shooting his 'soldiers.'

Really bummed out about Andrea, but wasn't it kinda expected? Such a fighter to go out like that? If it weren't for the stab wound, I kinda expected Milton to take notes about the transformation.

The rest of Woodbury coming back to the prison was natural. Taking them in was the right thing to do.

I agre: Rick needs to be more of a father to Carl next season. When Carol ran off at the end, I half-expected to see him standing next to the fence and get bit.

Now to wait six months.