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I watched the first season and I think one episode of season 5. I'm more of a fan of the New Mexico climate than I am of the show itself.[/b]

First, I think you are only the second person I've ever encountered who wasn't obsessed with Breaking Bad after having watched only the first, or a few episodes of that program.

I'm surprised you stopped watching. Or was there another reason that had nothing to do with the quality of the show?

I think it's fascinating how it descends a good man who thinks of others first (his family) into using his genius (and that he is almost a genius) into a criminal mastermind and show us all how far we could fall as our bad choices (with good intentions) crash up against the consequences and unhinging twists in fate to turn into a nightmare.

I am trying to write stuff like that in my own literary endeavor. I'm just fascinated by our true human nature - our strong alliance or susceptibility to our dark side - constantly at war with our good side (as seen by Walter's motives on Breaking Bad). He does all the wrong things for (what surely started) as all the right reasons with a few convenient rationalizations - and you gather what happens. The excitement comes from the dual thrills of having "a genius character" trying to figure out how to "win" and set most things right again.

Many amongst us could be Walter White or "Heisenberg."

Anyway, I spent a lot of time with him in New Mexico (on TV) and a huge Billy the Kid fan and historical and outdoors enthusiast, I've been to New Mexico and rode horses in Lincoln and fired guns on the range there. I too love the setting. I'll give you that it could be interesting for the Zombie Apocalypse.

Who knows what they'll do.

I'm hoping that's something that isn't touched on for a very long time, if ever. The 'how' and the 'why' of the zombie apocalypse is not really what this show is about. Maybe at some point a resolution will be required, but it would just be unnecessary baggage right now.
OK. Let's define what the show is about. I think we're on the same page with this, you and I:

To me the show is about surviving in the collapse of American civilization and families' struggles to survive.

They are also trying to stay true to their western / democratic culture (maybe not so much under the Ricktocracy or The Governor in Woodbury), but they would have supported trial by jury for example, as Rick had been a cop. But he just took it upon himself to banish Carol. Yet we don't like children playing with guns, but teaching Lizzie saved Tyrone's life. So everything that we came to be comfortable with as right and wrong in this world, gets turned upside down.

I don't think learning what caused the Zombie Apocalypse or how to immunize against it would stop this theme on the show. For one, there are too many walkers. For another, maybe civilization, humanity, will only continue with characters like Judith who might never turn. She just has to outlive even those as young as Carl, who will turn when he dies.

If the Zombie Apocalypse was learned to be caused by some government bio-weapon or terrorist attack from our old world, it even plays into there being a need for more fast action by the Ricktocracy for example.

But if one show delved into that, and Rick was left ignorant of it, actually either way he'd remain in the Walker World.

I didn't say that Judith was the "chosen one," I just said I didn't think she was dead. In fact, trying to turn her character into some kind of "messiah" would ruin the entire show. So, not sure why you are bringing that up other than the fact that you know I'm a born-again believer in Jesus Christ and you think referring to the Son of God as a "legend" will push my buttons.
Three things before I proceed to responding to you on this point:

1) you are my friend and I do not mean to agitate you personally.

2) it is just historical knowledge that heroes born of virgins were characters in legends brought along by western civilization since before Christ and it would be a familiar story structure to market religion with. Additionally, even our beloved Star Wars that brings us together here was accused of borrowing from it. [side note: the novel Darth Plageuis suggests that Sith Alchemy by Darth Plageuis (his expertise in bio-engineering as he was really the Muun Hego Damosk, CEO of the Muun Pharmaceutical Corp.'s parent stock-holder company Damost Holdings and took medical science beyond conventional morality by employing Sith Alchemy) bought or paid for test subjects, which were paid for or paid directly, and may have included Shmi Skywalker "There was no father..." and she might not actually know what happened to impregnate her with so many midi-chlorians. Star Wars actually works with Walking Dead there - that the zombie plague might be synthetically engineered) - but not even the novel Darth Plageuis was definitively explicit about that. Palpatine may have just hidden Anakin away if he had something to do with their capture and placement into slavery, so that his Master couldn't raise up a new young Sith to replace him. It would have to be a follow-up book -but to allow one more speculation about that - Palpatine was being groomed to be able to take control of the Republic as a politician. Plagueis as Hego Damosk was already a "Donald Trump" figure in the galaxy. Not exactly sure what Plageuis' final plan was. But Sith apprentices are supposed to kill their masters. It was finally revealed that Palpatine was working on recruiting Dooku. In the meanwhile, Dooku knew of Dathomir and suggested Maul as a pawn, just like his brother Savage Opress became one. The women were more powerful on Dathomir, so Dooku took Ventress as insurance for himself. And Dooku was a popular business figure like a Rockefeller and worked his way into being the Separatist (CIS) leader, so if he and his droids won the war, he could kill Palpatine and be Dark Lord.

This is why Maul did not have Force lightning etc. They told him he was a "Darth" but he was actually not a Sith Lord to be (just an apprentice to be sacrificed - though Obi-Wan obliged much more prematurely than the Sith Master had planned). Read "Darth Plagueis. James Luceno is the best Star Wars author by a long shot!

Anyway, the historical employ of "heroes" from virgin births (you'll have to research this to learn if it was Ulysses, Gilgamesh, etc.) all pre-date Christian civilization. It is just history and not meant to provoke you.

I am not looking for a religious debate right now - even IN the Rancor Pit, where we are not.

To bring this back to The Walking Dead, it is just a literary / legendary / fictional device used in familiar story-telling patterns and Judith is the only child on WD that I can name who was born AFTER the Zombie Apocalypse.

To close this point, in terms of the writers on staff of WD, some might be believers like yourself, others might not be. I think having both contributes to a show portraying survivors from all walks of life.

Herschel was a great Christian character who held to his beliefs, abandoned them when his zombie wife was shot by Shane, and then returned to them for great grounding inspiration of a moral-compass character. It obviously enriched the WD to have him in the cast. I loved Herschel!

Just like on the show, we have to tolerate all points of view. Many on the show, Rick and Andrea for examples, do not seem to be believers. At least Rick returns to faith out of tradition and desperation some times - like in the church that they found before they found Herschel's farm. But this is a mystery that confounds many of us that cannot make a unilateral decision that "what's in the Bible is just the literal (or approximate) way it is.

3) That being said, as Christmas comes around every year, and the hypocrisy of the people allegedly "celebrating it," (historically timed for the Winter Solstice celebration in Paganism by the (historical) way - another marketing point as to survive birth in the manger, Jesus would likely have been born in the summer time if he was ever a living being and one individual and legends weren't combined - like a virgin birth through a ministry through a crucifixion after a trial pre-determined to free a murderer rather than upset the status quo of the Pharisees and Sadducees) - is all part of a semi-annual provocation of me. Not so much a "war on Christmas," for me personally, but a war on education, critical thinking, and smart voting by the masses. I spent Thanksgiving Dinner with my uncle's clients he invited to his "Republicans Only" country club where these rich guys with their 2nd or 3rd trophy wives they left the mothers of their children for, and talked about combining their money to overthrow my state's two more liberal Senators and how they were using wedge issues like ObamaCare paying for abortions and birth control to upset the faithful. These guys might go to church somewhere, but they are not faithful. That was evident since their new wives are my age and they are in their 70's and have kids older than their wives (ask me how I just got a private viewing box for the San Diego Chargers for the rest of the season - pictures provided next home game!). I just hate the hypocrisy. My own too, since now I can take dates to a private box at Qualcomm Stadium if I keep my mouth shut about the who these people are. But it must be said that YOU and everyone reading this patronizes these people's corporate interests without exception. My uncle is a major player in this country's finances and these are our top business leaders. Everyone else in our small family is dead, so he makes it a point to fill the table at his country club - but for whatever it's worth, they bought the loyalty of the US Marines by inviting them, too. (i.e. why the military overwhelmingly votes Republican - and I do not think Thanksgiving Dinner should incorporate oil futures discussions and "what we are going to do about Iran" when these guys own the weapon supply companies too, and can bankroll the politicians into Congress that will make the decisions they want them to. And my own uncle has told me he can get me elected if that's what I want to do, but I have to change political parties. Sorry. It just makes me so mad! And last but not least, these gentlemen are descendants of our country's great historical figures. It just seems to me that a war against Christianity is actually a war FOR what Jesus actually stood up for. Ghandi said something like, "I love your Jesus, but it's his followers that I cannot stand."

Anyway, enough of that. I'm just saying that making Judith a "Chosen One" figure on Walking Dead follows a pattern in crafting traditional legacies that has been successfully swallowed for generations. Maybe WD employs it. Maybe they'll surprise us and not.

That she was born after the Apocalypse is something different about Judith from all the other characters. Note: Judith will not be the sole "Chosen One." They won't go directly there. I'm sure others - a new generation - will rise with her. Perhaps years after the show has gone on. We might see WD: TNG some day. Since we love this show, it's not a bad idea.

[Quote}Yeah, I've still got a copy set aside for you and you should have my Paypal address, but if not let me know.
I'm checking my PM and your PayPal address as soon as I hit "send" on this post. I think you'll see my money by the end of this week even if it doesn't post instantaneously.

Thank you for your patience. I look forward to reading it. I believe this could be your first and only issue. No doubt I'll have questions about a sequel chapter that I'll send you in PM in probably several weeks, after I've paid, received, and done some reading.