Do you think they were BBQ'ing the dead? Is that where the food was coming from?

In any case:

1) Never thought they'd go into suggested child rape (which Rick prevented) but I liked being shocked by this even darker turn for TWD. Yes, it was very uncomfortable to watch. That's the idea. You don't forget!

2) Rick and his "appetite!" Wow. All I can say is that was awesome!

3) Terminus - BigB, I think you understand it better than I do (Your insight is welcome!) But those people will not be able to handle themselves against TWD's "A-Team." I wonder if they'll use a new "war" to kill some characters next season? I don't think the zombies can ever kill our group now - after Darryl escaped that funeral home 2 episodes ago?!

4) Now I think Beth (instead of being kidnapped for rape) might have been rescued from the funeral home as it could have been a trap for people to be taken to Terminus.

5) Terminus - with all its signs out there - and it being a definite bad place (did you hear the screams for help coming from the cattle cars?) - needs to be destroyed. To me it represents the Sodom & Gomorrah of TWD world. (I doubt I'm wrong.)

6). I still think Judith is a key.

She was conceived after the zombie apocalypse. Maybe it only affected those that breathed something in the air at that particular time? Like a bio-weapon gone haywire?

There is no cure for those that turn. But maybe Judith and those conceived afterward never will? (A Child Will Lead.... - WaterWorld, but also Christian mythology - not to mention SW did it with The Chosen One.) There's always that...and deferring to a child to lead is always a safe way for other "apostle types" to gather power for themselves as the caretaker-types (China and Japan's empires for example - even led us into WWII with Japan).

Anyway, Carl's role will eventually be his sister's protector. My prediction. Everyone else will someday turn.