I saw this at the midnight opening, after seeing Thor and Captain America for the first time immediately beforehand (it was an all-day marathon, but I had to leave for a bit so I missed Incredible Hulk and half of each Iron Man movie; I've seen both Iron Man movies but haven't seen the Incredible Hulk). Anyway, I freakin' loved it. The last battle was just one mind-blowingly cool moment after another; truly one of the greatest action sequences I have ever seen in a film. A great deal of that was due to how the characters were treated and used during the battle and for the entire movie preceding it. Just a whole hell of a lot of fun.

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So much action, yet plenty of story and character development. I will definately go see it again..but this time in 2D. The 3D got a bit overwhelming at times.
All three movies I saw in a row were in 3D, which is the most I've ever seen of the format in one sitting (with 15-minute breaks in-between, but still). I thought it was used really well in all three cases - it definitely helped it feel like you were more "in the world" of the film without being ridiculous. After a while, I forgot I was watching 3D - not because it was used so sparingly, but just because I got used to it. If all 3D releases were as good as this (or TPM, for instance), then I don't think people would take issue with it as much as they still do. (I rarely see 3D movies unless that's a major part of the draw, partly since the level of quality is still such a crapshoot.)

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I have very high hopes that a certain other villain in the dc universe could be pulled off. The character I 'm thinking of is practically a carbon copy of HIM.
I have a feeling they'll stick to the Marvel characters as opposed to DC, but keep those high hopes anyway.