TPM and ROTS are very well covered in terms of what figures coud be offered from these films.

There are still some figures from AOTC (not including all the Padmes) that I'd like to see. They are:

Nyrat Agira (Club Outlander)
Kaminoan Civilian
5 year old Clone kid 2-pack (looks to be 10 years old and already made and included with Lama Su once before)
Rickshaw Droid
6 armed waiter droid from the refugee freighter
Queen Jamilla
Cliegg Lars
Jocasta Nu
Hermione Bagwa (Dexter's Diner)
Rogwa Woodrata (Separatist - most think is Tonbuck Toora)
Senator Tikkes (Separatist Quarren)
Outlander Bartender