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    Do you want more figures of Bail Organa?

    How about Bail Organa in his speeder pilot outfit?

    And Bail Organa with that overcloak with the silver "x-cross" that he wore in the ROTS senate?
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    Ditto above.
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    I might be a little interested in the "x-cross" version. They could make a Senate Padme & Palpatine and put them all together into some kind of a battle pack.

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    I guess I should expand on my answer a little. Bail, while important to the story, is still a very minor character. I didn't even realize he'd had a significant costume change untill you pointed it out. The figures I already have are more than sufficient to satiate my collecting bug. If he was made, I don"t think he'd be a huge seller with anyone but hardcore collectors. Therefore, he should be shortpacked or maybe just come out in the initial wave and not revisions. For a less highly produced figure, I'd rather Hasbro use the slots to make some other obscure character we've not yet seen in plastic or to give a much needed update to an older figure that may not sell as well like TPM Padme.

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    I could use a new Bail. Either a resculpt of the other ROTS outfit we already have that allows for more movement or a new sculpt of the senate cross ensemble. I would just like a Bail in attire that belongs in the senate that can sit in the hover pod.
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