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    Anyone know who Aaliyah was?

    I just read that she was killed in a plane crash. Wasn't she supposed to be in the Matrix 2? check it out,

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    She was a singer who lived around where I live for a short while. She had some pupular songs on MTV. I did not like her music though. She was pop and I am a rock kinda guy. I am not sure if she was going to be in the Matrix 2 but she was going to be in some sequel. I think that the music world will miss her but the Star Wars Universe won't.
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    She also was in the movie Romeo Must Die with Jet Lee. Her biggest hit song was from the Dr. Doolittle soundtrack, but I forget the title. And Shaquille O'Neal made a bad joke about having sex with her; that apparently did not happen. According to reports, she was returning from a video shoot in the Bahamas.
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    I am not a fan of her music, but since some one posted this, I have to say I was on my way home listening to the rock station where I live and they said her plane went down and they were almost joking about it. I thought it was pretty messed up.
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    I knew she was a singer but don't know what songs she sings but still it's sad that she died.

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    According to what I heard she is an R&B artist. For more details go to:

    Its a terible thing to happen

    Just thank god that it wasn't someone involved in the Star Wars films EG George
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    Heard the news over the radio this morning while about to head out for work. Its sad to hear such a tradgedy and it brings back some deja vu. Anybody remembers Richie Valens? La Bamba?? Its almost the same scenario.

    And yes, she's gonna appear in Matrix 2 I heard from the DJ over radio.

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    As someone who is absolutely devasted by this horrible accident - my own music being inspired by Aaliyah's - and her co-collaborators Missy Elliot and Timbaland, I can confirm the following;

    She'd finished filming her "Rock the Boat" video

    She'd finished filming "The Queen of the Damned" (Anne Rice's novel in which Aaliyah plays Akasha)

    She had not started the Matrix 2 - it was due to start prinicipal photography, preproduction having just been completed.

    The plane was overloaded with suitcases, the pilot had warned her security that it was too heavy.

    she died immediately, the other 6 six of burns, in hosp


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    Originally posted by jeddah
    she died immediately, the other 6 six of burns, in hosp
    This is a truly tragic situation, and amazing how much of a stupid waste it is, especially since it probably happened because they were in a rush and wouldn't leave some equipment behind - unacceptable!

    As for how many survived, every report I've heard has had only 2 people survived the crash only to later die in the hospital, and Aaliyah was not one of those, she died on the scene.
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    I agree with you Evenflow. No matter who it is. A life is a life and when someone is losted before thier time is tragic and should not be made fun of or taken lightly.A in a big way to that radio station.
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