I had an idea for a cool Luke figure for a while now.

Like the Echo Base Han that came in the first (ESB) Vintage Wave, this is a Luke Skywalker with his tan Bespin jacket open, his green muscle shirt visible beneath.

Luke appears this way right after he attempts to lift his X-wing out of the swamp with The Force, but disappoints, then reports to Master Yoda, "I can't...It's too big." After Yoda's dialogue, Luke grabs his jacket and pulls it on, stalking off and saying [to Yoda] "You want the impossible!" Then Yoda begins to access The Force and the swamp waters start bubbling, Artoo chirping, and Luke stands up. SNAP! There he is.

The figure could have an independent rubber gunbelt accessory that goes on by way of the figure stepping into it, that holds his (separate) blaster and separate lightsaber hilt.

Since they did a vintage Luke Bespin twice (2007 and 2010), this may have to be a post-vintage-collection figure maybe in 2013. (Luke needs to be kept available and currently we have about every outfit - with Hoth coming - minus the Stormtrooper (2009) and Yavin Ceremony (2008) though the pilot versions of Luke are not Battle of Yavin-specific, and a direct representation of Luke Dagobah hasn't been done since 2004. (I'm thinking Medical Frigate Luke is a rare and obscure version of him that I am lucky to have.) Oh -Endor Luke hasn't been done since 2006 if I'm not mistaken - though I think he's already rumored for a vintage figure, too (Hoth is confirmed however).

Well, how about this Dagobah Jedi Apprentice Luke from the "You want the impossible!" scene?