I thought we should have a thread to discuss the Jedi Force figures (new small size with vehicles).

Myself? I'm picking and choosing, buying only vehicles (the occasional figure) to complete my Galactic Heroes sets.

I got Luke's Landspeeder (props to Hasbro!)

I also bought JarJar (with CW Anakin).

I'm hoping for more vehicles that I can use with my GHs:

TIE Fighter
Imperial Shuttle
Radiant 7
Queen's Royal Starship
AAT Tank
Bongo Sub
Sith Infiltrator
Republic Gunship
Geonosian fighter
Dooku's solar sailor
Droid Tri-Fighter
General Grievous' fighter
Padme's starskiff (they could use the figure-vehicle mold one)
Grievous' Fighter

These might be the best choices for kids.

How about a Jedi Force version of the Hailfire Droid? The missiles are fixed on "bricks" below their launchers. Rolling the droid causes a spring mechanism to make the "bricks" rise and fall, so the missiles extend out of their launch tubes and fall back in as the droid rolls? No actual launching parts for kids to choke on. Yes / no?