So, TCW finally gets a new Rex figure, and I picked it up at TRU yesterday. The gimmick, besides being based on the Cmdr Stone body with ball-n-hinge hips, is that it has a big space backpack.

The figure sports a new removable helmet with a new head underneath, and a cloth kama skirt, but no weathering paint at all. I think his twin DC-17 pistols are a new sculpt, and their holsters definitely are new.

The helmet and head look decent, although my sample's helmet was painted askew with the eye-graphics on top.

The big white jetpack interestingly has the little jetpack docked in it. You wouldn't even notice at first that it comes out, it's quite clever. Nice to have fold-down guns on the bigger jetpack. The smaller jetpack pegs in like it does on space Obi-Wan and Anakin; the larger jetpack pegs onto a harness that straps around the figure, similar to the space Clone's chest box but bigger, gray, and with a larger gun holster sporting the gun (which appears to based on but different sculpt from the ones that come with the new TVC ARC Trooper Fordo). The chest harness I just realized is supposed to be Rex's pauldron, but they left that portion unpainted gray. The larger jetpack has a flaw though, it's too close to the helmet so the fin is bent out of shape by it.

The body is based on the Cmdr Stone, but with big ball-hinged hips that look terrible, like twice as big as they should be and jutting out at the top of the armor, it's so bad on the otherwise slight Stone body. I appreciate the intent, but the execution needed more care.

Then there's the rather unappealing cloth kama skirt, which doesn't quite fit the right shape, doesn't look like it's supposed to because it doesn't flow out of the belt, is cut too wide, seems like it's going to tear easily, and is jet black (you can barely even see the blue piping on the outside). Part of the shape problem isn't the kama's fault though, they had to fit it over those wide hips. You can futz it into something less of an ugly mess, but it's never completely satisfying. Adding the wide look of the hips, the wide look of the skirt, you get the bulky holsters on the hips which make the figure even wider, and while I do like the more accurate holsters, on this figure they just are adding to the main problem.

Another issue I just noticed, the design of the pauldron is wrong in the front geometry, it's just weirdly off.

There's just something slapdash about the whole affair here - some great attention given to the accessories and then a lot of big stuff overlooked on the figure itself. I don't hate the figure because there is some fun in it, but everything seems like it misses the boat for such an important character.