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    I sent in one form before the new & strict standards went into effect and already received the figure back. My plan was to send of for a few more over the next few weeks to have a couple for my kids, but I haven't seen a single stickered (or for that matter new) figure in these parts for a very long time. Does anyone have two or three of the forms they could stand to part with?

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    It's weird that people are already receiving the new mail-away Fett and I have yet to even see a single new figure with the special-offer sticker in any store within a 40 miles radius of my house.

    I've had one sighting of wave 7 (RFT, Han Bespin, Bom Vimdin, etc.) back during the first weekend of August and not a single sighting of new figures since then. The pegs are nearly empty in most stores I go to, there's just no product to fill them with.
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    I haven't seen new stock for months. We're still staring at pegs filled with clones and sandtroopers. If they hadn't allowed the printed form I doubt I would have ever seen this figure.

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    same story here. my walmarts are clogged with wave 5 and 6 pegwarmers, and the target only has 4-lom, sandtroopers, clones, and rebel troopers, and r2d2. No figures with stickers!! glad i had a printed form before they changed the rules.
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    I mailed two different offers out about 3-5 days apart, and I got #1 today. I like the extra cardboard part inside the mailer box, which made for less smooshing. The bottom left corner of the card was a little dinged. I didn't realize that this wouldn't be an all-white figure; haven't opened it yet (will see if #2 is a better carded one first). And Nom Anor looks awesome on the "collect these other figures" part; Aayla looks terrible.
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    I received my two today, and both mint. Very cool figure
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    I finally got a figure with the new Boba Fett sticker - a second stormtrooper with the good helmet (on a ROTJ card, no less). I'll be sending off for it soon.
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    Is this figure going to be any different than the one that was in the TAC line?

    Edit: Never mind. I see a picture of it now and see that it is indeed different.

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    My second one arrived today. What is it with the bottom left corner on these? The rest of the card is in great shape; I'll have to study and decide which one will be opened.
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