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I customized my own Royal Guard helmet which came out great.
Who made the Royal Guard helmet, was it a Don Post? Please do you have any pics?

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I really like the Sandtrooper helmet. I'm still pretty new to prop collecting(2 efx stormtrooper helmets & waiting on my efx vader limited), but I'm starting to appreciate all of the bumps, scratches, and deformities alot more. I'm sure you've seen the "Move along" and "Stop that ship!" sandtrooper helmets over on starwarshelmets.com. This looks like a good representation of those two. I wish I had the dough for a sweet collection like you have.

On the AT-AT driver helmet, If you don't mind me asking, what did you pay for it? Also, is the person you bought it from still selling them? The AT-AT driver is one of my favorite helmet designs and I'd like to add one to my collection.
The fiberglass AT-AT helmet you see above I got from a RPF member. From what I know there are 3 talented custom creators who also make them: Cal from Farawaycreations.com, Dark Agent (aka dorsettrooper) and Dan Laws. In fact I already got my second AT-AT bucket, this time from DarkAgent (DA) who makes helmets for 501st too. I'll post pics soon, I just need to upgrade it a bit with better hoses.

Here are some pics of the AT-AT helmet DA showed me (not my helmet) - if you want more details about this helmet, or his Stormtrooper or TIE Pilot buckets drop me a PM and I'll send you all the info and pics I received from him:

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