The Sterling Mk4/L2A3 Stormtrooper blaster conversion display with the new stand and extra plaque, as a good friend of mine said the "Legend Stormtrooper blaster":

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Despite the fact that my blaster is specific to a scene and not necessarily needed an upgrade, I thought in the future I might want to add some extra accurate greeblies to it like a Hengstler counter, especially the very rare Eagle version, which was used on the E-11 in SW. So I painted the Eagle Hengstler I have, and I will make a bracket for it.

The good thing is that attaching the Hengstler will be not invasive or damaging at all since it will be using the scope rail for this purpose. Easy to add on and easy to remove, just playing with a couple of screws.

The painted accurate Eagle Hengstler:

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