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The thing is, eFX is using shared molds and methods which you yourself have said you don't approve of, for authenticity's sake. So on the one hand, they are trying these sorts of things, but on the other that audience is not entirely receptive to their efforts when the price is so high and the results aren't 100% perfection.

And of course, it's one thing to make 2 versions of a helmet, but quite another to expand that to 2 versions of an entire armor. The helmets have the most character to them, they have more appeal for it; the armor is a lot larger and yet carries less of the personality, so it'd attract less buyers.

Fiberglass helmets and armor that aren't meant to be worn shouldn't be concerned over cracking since they're not generally meant to be bumping into things. ABS is difficult to use because it discolors over time, it generally has a very short shelf-life, around 5 to 10 years I think, and coatings aren't a real answer because it needs to impregnate the material to keep it from decaying. Carbon Fiber sounds very expensive and doesn't take color well, but as an undermaterial it could be strong enough.
When I want perfection in a SW prop, perfection for me means something else. I need that prop to be as close as possible to the original, and not to arrive with the problems Luke or Vader helmets arrived - and more recently the TIE Fighter. I don't want my props idealized, but I do want them without any production flaws like magnets put wrongly on Vader lids, scratches on the domes, decals/stickers with bubbles on Luke lid, or problems assembling the TIE Fighter.

Regarding ABS personally I would advise to go to FISD and RPF and read the threads where they discussed about fiberglass and ABS. You might find out that the ABS is not the same that was used when SW was released, it evolved a lot during the years. It SURELY doesn't have a 5-10 years shelf life, just look at the old screen used ABS SW helmets, they are still ok today. Yellowed, maybe, but no other problems with them, just read CfO or RS threads. No SW licensee nor fan creator ever made a fiberglass armor exactly because of its fragility and brittleness, and not just because of price. Rubies and Museum Replicas also made ABS armors.

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Serg, its an SDS model. I got it from an outfit in Canada, so it has to go through customs before it arrives here. I'll bet the customs agents had no idea what the value of this thing is, maybe thinking its a cheap halloween mask and thus handled it accordingly.
Rubs are not a big problem. You can use Novus polish to take care of them and in the end it will look like new. I tried it on the chest plate of my armor which had some scratches and now looks as new.

It is not easy to take photos of a big black shiny thing. I'd advise to use as much natural light as possible and go without flash.

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