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I'd swear if you compared yours with an original one, you wouldn't be able to the difference between the two. Its a real educational experience watching you upgrading the blaster. There is so much I never noticed until you made your uprgrades. Its really giving me the urge to try to do what you've done, but it might have to wait awhile. Thats a great prize to have in your collection!
Thank you! I strive for accuracy especially when talking about some of the collectibles I own, and the Sterling E-11 conversion is one of them. Not sure if there is any original screen used ANH E-11 blaster made of a Sterling still left 100% the way it was filmed in SW back then. Even the ones sold at official auctions, were resin casts of original Sterlings (they used resin casts in SW too), or even if they were (Bapty) Sterlings they were stripped naked long ago, being returned to their original sub-machine gun look (and used in other movies as SMG) - and the auction house simply added some t-tracks they found, a scope and a Hengstler counter - many times inaccurate (they didn't do the research like some of the fans did).

So with this upgraded conversion I'm happy I got even closer to the screen used iconic Stormtrooper blaster. I also own an extra set of Gino and Marv t-tracks, ready to replace and be added at any time. The old Joerg custom cylinders I had till now on my Sterling are pretty cool on their own, also made with genuine Metalmite capacitors like the screen used ones, but they are a bit more idealized. Maybe I'll add them to the Master Replicas E-11 or sell them