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    If Hasbro really wants kids or really thinks kids are their big buyers, they should keep the original Falcon, TIE, and X-Wing in production, even if just on their website or something. The updated pieces are far superior, but out of the price range for the wee ones.

    C'mon, if you get a 7-year-old the BMF Falcon, that kid is spoiled... and I want you to adopt me.
    That's my jacket!

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    Chuxter is absolutely correct. I made the mistake of selling a sealed OTC Falcon on ebay and used money to buy my son the BMF which is too big for him fly around. What was I thinking, should have just gave the him the OTC one. I remember being 4-5 year in 1977 and flying my original MF around the condo complex. No way can my 8 y/o do this with his BMF.


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