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    Angry Eeth Koth not Blacklight Compatible!

    The Horror! I was getting used to all the new Jedis having a cool lightsaber that glows under blacklight. Well It's only the Green ones and the red ones that do it so far, no luck on blues ones. But Eeth Koth doesn't glow!!! Man!!! I was expecting his to glow cuz it's green. I guess not! What a bummer. I hope the AOTC figures glow. Shouldn't Hasbro make all lightsabers blacklight compatible? am I wrong?? If I am wrong, I don't want to be right!!!!!

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    For a quick fix, use a green highlighter and color the blade. It's a little more crude than the previous sabers, but it glows, and that's what you want.
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    Well....unfortunately for you, the black light compatibility thing is probably waaaaay low on the list of Hasbro's worry list. Though I'm sure it looks pretty nifty nonetheless...
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