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    Quote Originally Posted by Battle Droid View Post
    I don't care, I still want a figure of every Neimoidian on screen.

    They're my favorite Star Wars species.
    Words like they were spoken directly from my heart, BD. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

    Nute does not need to be super articulated. I am fine with another salt shaker. I am a 100% vinyl guy, so I would rather go saltshaker than ask for super articulation and get a figure with cloth robes. But seriously, I would love any nute figure they came out with.

    BTW, I LOVE the profile pic, Chux. I presume you are returning from a brief jaunt in the Whitechapel district?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Obsession is Nute View Post
    BTW, I LOVE the profile pic, Chux. I presume you are returning from a brief jaunt in the Whitechapel district?
    Thanks (and the profile admiration is mutual, Ms. Wilkes). I'm glad someone picked up on it; I was beginning to worry about the collective history knowledge here.

    I'm absolutely not against Neimoidians; I'd buy any new one they make. A Nute resculpt at the going price of $10, though, would have to be incredibly impressive, different costume or not. I'm just mostly worried what message Hasbro will think we're sending; fact is, every single Neimoidian has been an enormous pegwarmer, and we're asking for a new version of one of those pegwarmers.
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    I intentionally didn't vote.

    I'm sorry. My heart just wasn't in it. I also felt that after years of trying to make a difference, campaigning for obscure figures and especially expanded universe ones, I feel burnt out.

    That being said - I'd be excited to buy some of these if they were produced:

    Cliegg Lars x 2 (a collaged scene of the family watching Anakin depart on Owen's speeder; Shmi's funeral scene)

    Sim Aloo x 1 (Emperor's Arrival on Death Star II)

    Jocasta Nu x 2 (Jedi Library, Order 66 - my own interpretation of her escape with the children - she wouldn't fight IMO)

    Torynn Far x 1 (Echo Base Command Center)

    Nute Gunray ROTS x 1 (Dead body at Dark Side Anakin's feet - I don't really want this figure when I don't have Tey How yet!)

    Guri -x ??? (Depending upon her outfit - blue / purple or red dress, etc. I may use up to 5 or more of her figures) MOST USEFUL

    Tey How x 1 (Niemoidian bridge observing Anakin's fighter flying in)

    Noghri x ??? (if generic Noghri character - I'll buy 10 or more - maybe even 20 - for use in multiple EU scenes) very useful

    Captain Piett x 0 - I have the 1998 figure and do not desire a new one. I understand it's been 13 years since he was offered though

    Cane Adiss x 2 at least. If he's cool, I'll get more than the palace and sailbarge figures I'd use first

    Anakin Solo x 10 at the most - depending upon his age his figure depicts him at - for NJO dioramas of course very useful

    I'm disappointed that many cantina aliens and Jabba aliens didn't rank higher, as well as Jedi Mara Skywalker, Nomi Sunrider, Emperor and Princess Fel (from Legacy), Zayne Carrick, Padme in various outfits from AOTC and ROTS, several of the Senators, a Jedi Corran Horn, amongst others including Club Outlander and Podracer pilots and patrons didn't make the top lists.

    There are some variations on the the order of these preferences on the other fan sites though. Cliegg and Jocasta Nu don't fair as well on every site and SSG's EU showing is stronger than some other sites.

    We are at the bottom of the barrel though, folks. If Hasbro made the Noghri, a generic commando one, not Rukh or Kabarahk, (Thrawn and Leia's bodyguards respectively) it might be one of the only figures I'd be compelled to army-build.

    Later down the list on our group is the KOTOR Sith Trooper. I don't play KOTOR, but in the comics, the Sith on Onderron (fighting Ulic Qel Droma under Dark King Oman and Warb Null) had Sith Troopers (that sort of looked like Biker Scouts - they were just humans in white armor) and the Krath Sith (same TOTJ Sith War series) had Sith Battle Droids (kind of like CW Commando Droids but more skeletal and freaky-like). I'd army build those to fight Ulic and Mandalore. (Exar Kun used Massassi Warriors that built the temples on Yavin 4 - they were super-warriors of the actual Sith RACE originally brought out of the Sith Empire by the Dark Lord Naga Sadow.)

    These army builder figures should be available single-carded or in a battle pack - perhaps with other generics like Mandalorian Warriors of this era. Nomi Sunrider, Tott Doneeta, Aleema (Ulic's Dark Side Lover), etc should all be single-carded or maybe offered in a large battle pack like The Force Unleashed.

    I hold on to my hopes.

    Figures I will NOT buy include the ones that sell best to newbies:

    Luke (except for special open Bespin jacket from Dagobah, or NJO Jedi Master single-carded version in his 40's, or tan vest SOTE)
    Han (except for awesome deluxe Carbonite, or "in his 50's EU version")
    Leia (except for Jedi Apprentice -pregnant HTTE, Chief of State aged mid-30's, NR leader, 40's)
    Darth Vader
    Stormtrooper (of most variants - I think. I may troop build to fight the 'Vong)
    Lando (except for Nkllon Mining Baron -HTTE red outfit, red Imperial armor - SOTE, or age 50)
    Boba Fett
    JarJar (except for Padme's apartment and Senate resculpt, non pre-posed)
    Darth Maul
    TPM Padmes (except for the new post-Senate figure due out soon)
    AOTC Padmes that they've made before
    ROTS Padmes that they've made before
    Separatist Battle Droids (of any type - unless I find I need more later on down the line)
    Jango Fett
    Count Dooku
    General Grievous

    So I know that the above have to be made, possibly updated to attract repeat buyers, and marketed to keep the line going, like Batman figures have to be made because a figure wave without the Dark Knight and just composed of Gordon, Dent, Krane, Dawson, the judge, Fox, a Gotham Cop, etc - all necesary for dioramas, wouldn't sell without Batman (Vader, Skywalker, Kenobi, Fett, Grievous etc in the Star Wars line).

    But I'm sure some of you are happy to get the last list above updated again and again, with extra updates to other figures they've made before like Greedo. [Yawn] I'll hold out for Zayne Carrick. Thanks.
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    Voting has begun on Star Wars Insider, ROTS Nute Gunray got my vote.

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    Here's the link. I voted for Cliegg, of course. I'd be happy if most of the choices won, aside from:
    *Piett - We need a new one, but we'll undoubtedly get one on the Needa body at some point so it feels like a waste of a vote.
    *Pellaeon - Like Piett, there are many bodies to choose from, and we already have many officers, so I'm not jumping up and down for "uh, the fat one."
    *Death Squad Commander - The 2007 one is fine, and there's already a new one coming in 2012. Just repaint him gray, maybe add a cord to his helmet, and call it good. I'd be extremely disappointed if this won.
    *Mara Jade - She always shows up in these polls, but why? How many figures of her do we seriously need?
    *Kneesaa - We already know they've tooled her and want to get her out, so it's just a matter of time with her.

    Overall the list is quite similar to the one from last time. It might have been better for them to work through that list more before starting another one, but the fact that so many characters are on both polls shows they might be good candidates to make.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. JabbaJohnL View Post
    *Mara Jade - She always shows up in these polls, but why? How many figures of her do we seriously need?
    The problem is that we've gotten two figures of one costume, the Emperor's Hand uniform. There are at least two other very iconic costumes she wears (her Jedi robes and her Arica disguise). The Jedi robes show up well on polls. But, as we can see by the picture on the poll, even when they say "Mara Jade Skywalker (Jedi)," they don't realize it's the traditional Jedi robes (usually shown in green) and that people aren't asking for a third Emperor's Hand figure.

    Prior to The Clone Wars, she was pretty much the single most important character created for the EU, so I don't think getting a figure of the uniform she wore for a longer period is unwarranted. (How many frickin' Republic Commandoes have we gotten?)

    The figure should actually look more like this:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Voted for the only sensible option.... that hot Jedi Librarian chick, Jocasta Nu.

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    I voted for Admiral Palleon from the EU.

    I can use even more figures of him than Jocasta or Cliegg, amongst some other good choices.

    However, though I know Palleon will lose, a strong showing will usually help keep him in Hasbro's eye.
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    Oh man, there were some good choices on SWI's page, and this probably the only time I had to cast a vote that wasn't for Jaxxon simply because Sim Aloo needed to get nominated out of respect for the old Kenner line. But hey, if Jax gets picked I won't be diasppointed at all

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    I voted for yak face. I would love to see any ROTJ figure win.
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