Sorry if this thread already exists (I did look without success) but I figured it was time to get this thread rolling. This wave is already popping up on Amazon and Brian's Toys has shipped it to their one of each figure club members. However I told them not to bill me for this wave since they were only going to send me three figures (Ponda Baba, Bastilla Shan, and Hoth Deck Officer) but were going to charge me $60 for the wave. So much for their $9.99 a figure plus shipping! Hopefully this isn't a huge mistake and these figure are easy to find. The more photos I see of the Ponda Baba the better that figure looks! Right now I think I have to get two, one with hands and one with flippers. I may even get a third for slice and dice action!

Unfortunately I think it's going to be a while before the wave turns up in the wild. It looks like Target and other sellers are trying to make space for their holiday reset sometime towards the end of October?