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    Space !

    I exspect this has been asked before but what do you do with your figure's open um up or keep them on card and display them?
    Personally I keep mine on card and have them on my walls, having 215 figure's means there's no need for wallpaper + I just have'nt got the space to open them (my house has only 2 bedroom's very tiny). Don't get me wrong I have a few opened such as the JEDI and BOUNTY HUNTER'S which I have on display with a little space for JANGO FETTand ZAM WESELL to stand next to when I get them. Anyway's to stray off the subject a bit I've got a chance to buy an EP2 BATTLE DROID FOR 15 what do you guy's think?

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    I open mine I tried keeping them carded for a while but in the end I got fed up with it so I opened them and feel alot better for it too!

    Oh and definatly take the Battle Droid.

    Nice collection by the way, they do look nice on the card, but it's not for me.
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