Currently I'm in the process of constructing the frame work for a large Hoth Rebel base. The size should be around 7 ft high, & 7 ft wide by close to 8 ft long. The base will have multiple levels, an elevator, two large hanger bays, a hoth cantina, a medical center, a command center, with many ladders, catwalks & several other misc items as well. Building supplies are lots of 2X3X8's, a wooded boxed crate used for shipping snow blowers, plywood, plaster cloth, chicken wire, led lights & several house hold items that you would not believe will be incorporated in the base. I will try to include as many figures/vehicles as possible (including prequel) into this base when it's complete. It should take several months to complete & I shall posts some pics tonight of some of the progress I've had in the last two weeks.