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    Concerning Jurassic Park, Star Wars etc. Read this Hasbro!

    This is another e-mail that i recently sent to Hasbro

    Hi, i just saw the pictures of the "new" series 2 figures, i.e. CamoXtreme and i feel screwed. Sorry for the bad language, but i've had enough of this rehasing business. Why are we getting repaints, again? First we get repainted Dinosaurs (ugly too) in Chaos Effect and Jurassic Park Dinosaurs, then we get JP3 with dwarf human figs and Dinosaurs with big ugly wounds and ribs sticking out of their sides and now this? What did we, the JP collectors, do to deserve this? Why don''t you make the items we want? We want new items, not rehashes. We want Udesky, Nash, Cooper and Dinosaurs that were actually in the movie. I don't want you to listen to the collectors alone, but it would be nice if you listened to us at times when needed. You guys need to find the balance between collectors and kids. Yeah you tried that with Star Wars, but you failed (i.e. B-Wing without electronics or cool red-ish cockpit window). I was an avid Jurassic Park and Star Wars collector, but i stopped due to your stupid products and things that stunk, i.e. millions of exclusives (doubles the price in foreign countries), cheap-o figs and even worse distribution. At times like this i wish Kenner was still around. At least they cared for their customers and, more importantly, they came before profit.You are probably thinking that i am full of Bantha poo, but i am afraid this is the truth. People are not going to keep up with your **** forever. We want to be taken seriously. We don't want repaints and you'll notice that a little later this year(around June/July) when retailers start complaining about the JP3 stock that is rotting on the shelves. I suggest you hire "advisors" that are actually collectors and know a thing or two about them. I for one would like to apply for that function. I used to collect both Jurassic Park and Star Wars toys and i have lots of ideas to get this thing back on track. If you think that stinks, at leasr listen to us and maybe i'll continue with my collection.

    Oh yeah, please repeat after me (LOL): The customer comes first, then comes profit. A satisfied customer is profit. Quality before quantity.

    Thank you and please reply (no automatic replies please), for i don't want you guys to go down and take these two great lines with it.


    Raymond van Putten
    AKA DarthMaul

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    Well... (part II)

    I don't collect JP stuff, but I can see how these things would bother you. I saw some of the beasties on the shelves and couldn't figure out why all of them were "injured". That was just weird.
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    I used to collect JP stuff until the beast damage came became too stupid.So I feel for you DarthMaulSithLord, I dont
    think the JP line will be around much longer.
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    I collected JP stuff up until when the Lost World line was ending, then it just was a little boring... Especially when they even reused figure molds. I still play with my JP stuff once in awhile, but it could've been much better, especially had it been a little more movie realistic.

    The Batman line is also suffering from rehashes of the same molds and 98% of the waves of figures are Batman in some weird colors.

    Hasbro, c'mon, listen to the consumers, not only to your anti-personality yes-group.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
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    What? Hasbro put Customers before the Profit? Nah!

    I noticed that also. Whay do all the Dinosaurs have to be injured? I thought the JP3 figures were pretty cool. Especially Paul Kirby. I like his William H. Macy likeness. But why do they have to have torn clothes?
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    They had trouble with their seatbelts on the chopper.

    The JP3 figures weren't very good, IMO. Why did they come with those weapons? Two weapons were used throughout the film, one blew up a plane, and the other sounded like it was just a tiny pistol or something. Also if I remember correctly, the weapons with the JP3 were kinda over-sized.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
    "We came, we saw, we conquered... We, woke up!"

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    They gave all the Dinosaurs wounds to give them Re-Crap-A-Tak action. And the figs' weapons aren't big, the figs are just smaller. Another thing that wasn't appreciated in the JP community. FYI the JP and TLW figs all were 5". The new ones are 3.75".

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    Ha, I had all of those original JP toys. Man, I loved playing with those. I kept them all in a big plastic bag from Johnny's Toys and played with them all the time. I've seen those toys from JP3, and they don't compare at all.
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