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    Titaniums at the NYCC?!?!?!?!?!

    Could this be true? A revival of the titanium line? Or is Hasbro just clearing out old stock? Will there be new molds?

    VERY excited about this even if it appears to be a re-hash at this point...

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    Agreed. I'm not sure I like them all being 3-packs, and I assume they'll all be repacks for a while, but something is better than nothing.

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    I about choked when I saw this, very excited! - The best thing since sliced bread.

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    Hey guys, long time.

    I'm excited too... if they do some new tools!
    Agreed guys, it's disappointing that all 12 shown at NYCC (floor and panel) are repacks. Hope these don't warm the pegs and kill the relaunch.
    C'mon Hasbro... throw us a fresh bone!
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    I'm not really holding out hope that that won't happen, it's what they did to my beloved Action Fleet and then claimed there just wasn't enough demand. - The best thing since sliced bread.

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    I suspect they just trotted this product back out to take advantage of the increased Ep 1 interest with the 3D release coming soon. But if (when) that doesn't take off, I won't be surprised if we don't see any more releases. Also, 3-packs at $20 suggests that were they to do new toolings, they'd be 1 new and 2 old which would be ugly.
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    I suspect that you're 100% on the money, JT... my thoughts exactly. $20 for one new Titanium would be pretty lame.

    I have posted a question for Hasbro in the Q&A thread. Please vote for it guys, and maybe we'll get some clarification re: future plans for Titanium.
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    Red face :-o!!!!

    I doubt we've seen the last of the Titaniums or their molds, but right now? It's the Dark Times (1986-1995) all over again. -Warstar, 8/20/11
    Or for the love of Jabba BRING THEM BACK!!!


    I KNEW this wouldn't be the last we'd see of the Titaniums molds! WOOOOT!

    They do look like specialized Episode 1 packs, and as you said, probably capitalizing on the 3D release. However, that pic of a lone RotS Jedi Starfighter suggests they *might* bring out similar packs later on...

    Remember that Lucas is only going to do Episodes 2-6 in 3D IF and ONLY IF Episode 1 does well.

    Of course, Episode 1 hasn't been on the big screen for nigh 11-12 years now, and of course a new generation wants to take their kids to see it on the big screen!

    I hope it's in Real3D...

    Anyway, YAY!

    Darth Duranium! TO THE VARIANTS LIST! :-D

    (after they hit the shelves that is )

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    Noooooooo, not the variant list!

    SSG: While we were pleased to see the return of Titanium Series at NYCC 2011, it was not as exciting to see that all of the 3-packs shown contained only previously released vehicles, and of those, it appeared to be all straight repacks without even new paint schemes, much less any new toolings. Is Hasbro planning to release any new tools or any "new" repaints as well, and can we expect to see some new ships from more recent seasons of The Clone Wars (and if so, which ones)? Will Titanium Series continue in 3-packs only, or return to single packs?

    Hasbro: The majority of the Titanium 3-packs in 2012 are reissues. But we are planning several new EU-themed Titanium vehicles for a pack hitting retail in the fall. We will be offering 3-packs only.

    That's better news than I expected, apart from the 3-pack aspect.
    Wow. new EU Titaniums would rock!
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    This is good news. I wonder what the heck the new EU vehicles could be?
    There's been quite a few Clone Wars vehicles they could do if that's considered EU.
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