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    Article: NYCC Hasbro Collector Panel Added

    I feel a great disturbance in the Force.

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    Hey look, there's an empty droid slot on the Naboo Fighter image! How is that going to work though when droids can't actually fit through there? I'm guessing a removable dome like we suggested to them. Oh, it looks like the canopy slides open like in the movie, that's pretty slick too.

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    Clone Wars seems to have a new Jan 30th launch date, does that mean the current waves are dead for 4q 2011? Oh look, Republic Commando CW figure. And Rex in Phase 2 helmet... but those figures are a whole 3 months later? Damn, sounds like SW is shifting down.

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    Is that the first new-sculpt Maul in 6 years?!? Wow. At least TVC won't have a 3-month shipping window problem like TCW. Oh man, and there's realistic Clone Wars Anakin, how... interesting. And there's the first SW:TOR figure as well! And another Vader, hopefully with better sculpting and soft goods, but really, the slide doesn't show much of anything.

    Obi-Wan's Ep 3 JSF gets a TVC box, but will it be the authentic version or the one without the mold changes from the Anakin version?

    Why is the Torrent getting a TVC box? It has cartoon styling (poor paint and soft sculpting).

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    Oh man, the TVC Ep 1 figures that WM gets to release in 3D packaging have been pushed back in their non-WM packaging to 3rd Quarter. And the wave includes OT Tusken and Ep 3 Yoda. Yeesh.

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    First thing I noticed was Queen Amidala in her Battle outfit (how 'bout that!) and they are re-releasing animated Aayla for the Clone Wars line up finally (still don't have one) as well as in TVC.

    Looks like the Titaniums "hiatus" is over, though the rehash 3 packs are not too exiting for me.

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    Thanks for the pictures. It looks like all the TPM stuff will be a mix of new and old, so it will take some sorting to figure out what's what. The frustrating aspect comes in things like the multipacks that have old figures but new accessories and/or new paint. (And then you get things like the TCW Battle Droid shown on the Movie Heroes slide, where I seriously doubt they're actually releasing that one there.) It's still too bad that there's no TVC Jar Jar, but I like the Movie Heroes one. I can't believe they're going so full-on with the ROTS clone even after the TVC one sold so poorly; they're seemingly putting 2 in Movie Heroes, 1 in the deluxe line, and 1 in TCW (where it makes sense). I also question the logic behind putting out four Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan figures at the same time (TVC, Movie Heroes x2, and Discover the Force), especially when all but the light-up versions are the same old figure repackaged over and over. But I'm looking forward to the new Naboo Starfighter, the repainted vulture droid, and things like that.

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    Is that a new TPM Anakin, or just new accessories? He looks like he has jointed elbows, so AWESOME! Finally, the good prequel is getting some Hasbro love!

    The podracers look like straight re-releases, right? Or only minor tooling changes?

    Also, did that (formerly Deluxe) Clonetrooper with the jetpack ever show up in anything, or is he still more or less a deleted scene figure?

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    I don't think the new Movie Heroes Anakin has elbows, but I could be wrong. It does seem to be a completely new sculpt, though I could be wrong. Strange as it sounds, but it's the first-ever Anakin with a removable podrace helmet and the first podrace Anakin available outside the original podracer vehicle (though another one is coming simultaneously in the Mos Espa Arena set, and that one is an old figure with, presumably, the same helmet). The podracers are indeed old, though with at least new paint and maybe some minor retooling. The giant jetpack clone has never shown up in anything. I have mine posed with the microseries Saesee Tiin.


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