Well, who is Darth Malgus?

Fans (likely mistakenly) want Darth Plagueis - Sidious' master. He is a Muun - likely skinny - like San Hill. He was a Sith scientist (alchemist) and most likely not a warrior. Plagueis' own master may have trained Palpatine to fight. The novel, "The Tragedy of Darth Plagueis" by James Luceno comes out in December. Hopefully, it addresses the more recent Sith lineage. In any event, it is my theory, that Darth Plagueis "influenced the midi-chlorians to create life" (Anakin) in a slave he experimented on (Shmi - perhaps without her knowledge - maybe she even thought he was - or Plagueis actually was - a doctor?) In any case, to get powerful DNA with lots of midichlorians (see I like science over fantasy and real explainations for things) - maybe Plagueis used his apprentice's DNA and Palpatine is the "surrogate" father of Anakin after all?

Meanwhile, Doctor Plagueis might make a boring figure who could only get more interesting with his appearance in Luceno's EU. (James Luceno is the very best SW EU writer IMO - perhaps more intriguing than Tim Zhan - though their styles are quite different by comparison and Luceno is much "darker.")

But that doesn't answer who the heck Darth Malgus is? Plagueis' master? That would be interesting. Like I said, perhaps THAT character had to train a young Palpatine to fight, while Plagueis engineered the ultimate Sith (Anakin), and they both prepared Palpatine for politics - as an alternate way of conquering the Republic - perhaps not unlike Hitler "conquered" Germany.

Meanwhile, I DO NOT BELIEVE IN THE RULE OF TWO. The Sith would break their own rules (and Dooku has Ventress).

I believe there was always (during TPM) Sidious and Tyranus (Dooku) and just like Dooku went to Dathomir to get a replacement for Ventress in Savage Opress - Darth Maul was a misled Sith warrior who was taught to believe that he was the real apprentice (and did not know about Dooku in the shadows) and used (and tattoo'd so the public would freak out and never submit to him - thus he could not surplant Palpatine and take over even if he was a quicker fighter)...used Maul to handle the grunt work and get factions like the Trade Federation on board so they could raise battledroid armies while Dooku secretly handled the raising of the Clone Army ([10 years ago when Master Sypho Dias was killed]).

Don't believe everything you're told "Maul is the apprentice in TPM, etc." as a better story offers even it's own cloak of

But who is Darth Malgus (Malingus? - hard to read Hasbro's label from the picture).

Also fans wanted Jacen Solo as Darth Cadeus. The Solo twins need at least 2 more figures of each of them:

Jaina in tan "Bespin fatigues" training gear.
Jaina in X-wing Pilot flight suit
Jacen as Darth Caedus
Jacen in Jedi robes

Plus Anakin Solo, Ben Skywalker, and Cole Skywalker (Cade's father) are completely missing.