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    Star Wars in ABC's Man Up

    Hey check out "MAN UP" on ABC tomorrow night (Tuesday 8:30/7:30c) - the guys, including Dan Fogler from "Fanboys", hunt down an original Betamax of A New Hope. Later in the season, Billy Dee Williams plays himself and they got him to recite dialogue from Empire, it's hilarious! Definitely tune in!

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    This has got to be the weirdest advertising I've ever seen here. Well, maybe aside from salacious Salacious. Or the Hulk's bulge. But it's somewhere up there.
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    I see this series getting dumped before they get to Billy Dee.
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    How is it you know so much about a show that has not aired yet?
    Tommy, close your eyes.

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    The buzz on it has been really horrible and ABC were dithering on whether to air it now or wait. They decided "now" since all the networks had already axed a bunch of shows and this one was ready to go. That's all.

    Here's a perfect example of how this show is being written up: Matt's Guide to Tuesday TV: Man Up! a Downer

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