This thread would go into a new Movie Heroes forum, but they ain't one!!!

So, Movie Heroes is basically the Saga Legends replacement, but now with additional new figures and a focus on action features. The slides are here, here, and here. Some of the figures shown in the slides are different from the ones shown in the booth (Battle Droid), and some don't match up with the names given (Shock Trooper). gave a list of the figures and their action features, meaning it could be easier to figure out where the figures come from:

Wave 1

* Darth Maul -- Spinning lightsaber
* Shock Trooper -- Quick Draw Action
* Super Battle Droid -- Firing Arm Blasters
* R2-D2 -- Electronic lights and sounds
* Battle Droid -- Firing blaster
* Darth Vader -- Slashing lightsaber
* General Grievous -- Lightsaber battle action
* Obi-Wan -- Jedi kick
* Yoda -- Whirling lightsaber
* Destroyer Droid -- firing projectile
* Clone Trooper -- backpack fires missiles
* Qui-Gon -- grappling hook launcher

Wave 2

* Darth Maul -- Slashing lightsaber
* Jar Jar Binks -- Firing projectile
* Anakin -- Backpack fires missile
* Padmé Amidala -- Blaster with pull-out zipline
* Obi-Wan -- Light-up lightsaber
* Qui-Gon -- Light-up lightsaber

Since the shock trooper image is just of the plain white ROTS pegwarmer from TVC, I hoped the figure would be the same mold but with the red shock trooper coloring. It seems like it'll be the original 2005 quick-draw leg-squeezin' version.

I assume it'll be pretty easy to skip several of the re-releases, but some of the figures offer a little bit new. The first Darth Maul, for instance, is a movie-based repaint of the red-trimmed 2002 Sith Apprentice version. R2-D2 supposedly has a bunch of new sounds and a new dirty paint job. Qui-Gon comes with the grappling hook from the Clone Wars Padmé figure, but I don't know what Obi-Wan's Jedi Kick could be - the only similar thing was the ROTS figure, but that was built into the figure, and the image they used here is of the 2009 TPM Legacy Collection version.

Wave 2 is where the interesting stuff comes in. Rumor has it that Jar Jar was supposed to be in TVC but was moved here, which is a shame. Even though they're not as articulated as the TVC versions, the other characters look like good toys, which I suppose is kind of the point, after all.