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    I saw this loose at JT's house, and I really liked it and wanted one for my Clone Wars figures as a Twilight substitute.

    I'd have


    on board from the Escape The Malevolence episode. (Ahsoka and Rex were left on the star destroyer).

    But the crew as it was in the Clone Wars reminded me of how the Twilight was like their Falcon for a while, and a crew of


    Way back then. The Clone Wars featured no one who could have replaced Chewbacca though.

    I know the Starspeeder is a big ship from first hand experience. But if they made the Twilight, there exists the possibility that the CW crew I described above would also be less than half the figures the ship could actually hold.

    Still, quite often, less is more.
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    I can't believe CVI was a month ago - these past few weeks have absolutely flown by.

    Anyway, for $55, this ship would have been much better, but paying $75 and then $40 in shipping is going to make me slightly harsher on this puppy. But it's still really great for what it is. As JT said, if Hasbro had done it instead of Disney, the interior would have been more detailed - going from their recent fantastic cockpits to a completely plain interior covered in slightly askew stickers is a huge difference.

    That's really my only complaint, since otherwise it rocks. As I've mentioned before, I rode Star Tours just a few months after I saw the OT for the first time in 1997, so for me it's tied to my earliest SW memories. I've been back many, many times, and last month was my first time on the updated ride, which is a fantastic experience - err, experiences (and pays enough homage to the original that it's difficult to truly miss it). So to finally get a Starspeeder that fits the figures is a great feeling, especially with things like the Star Tours tone playing whenever the doors open and close. It goes well with the two figure packs that came out last year, with C-3PO, AC-38, or good ol' Rex playing the role of captain all quite well. I certainly wish I didn't have to pay twice as much as it cost last year, and the interior could be better, but overall, if you're a fan of the ride, you owe it to yourself to get this.
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