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    I have only one thing to say about this ship - I want it. Too bad I won't be going to Disney any time soon. What does their DelivEARS service charge for shipping?

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    I haven't done DelivEARS in a long time, but I think the service was free and shipping was a bit steep.
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    Here is a photo album with several shots of figures in the vehicle. C-3PO and Ace look great in the pilot's chair, but the best part of all is that the chair is removable and Rex can fit in there. I can quite truly die a happy man now.
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    I saw these on the shelves at Disneyland this past weekend. The box is huge, roughly the size of the Republic Shuttle's box and as mentioned, Hasbro would charge $100 for something like this.

    That being said and my passholder discount notwithstanding, I decided to hold off on purchasing it until I read a proper review or two. It's going to take up a lot of display space and so I need to figure out whether I rather have this out on display or a vehicle that was actually in the films.

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    I'm going to DL this weekend and intend to pick one up with my AP discount. I was going to go last weekend when I saw the news, but since we had family plans to go a week later, I figured it'd just be a waste of gas money (around $10), of which I don't have much of right now.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    "In Brooklyn, a castle, is where dwell I"
    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    A friend of mine ordered one for each of us today. With shipping he said it came to about $62.50.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtriv73 View Post
    A friend of mine ordered one for each of us today. With shipping he said it came to about $62.50.
    Do you know where he ordred them from? Was it DiscovEars or whatever that service is?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkJedi5 View Post
    Do you know where he ordred them from? Was it DiscovEars or whatever that service is?
    Jedi Defender has the info for it on their front page:
    Disney Parks Merchandise Services 877-560-6477

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    I picked up the Starspeeder 1000 last night at Disneyland. Right now, AP discount was 20% off, so that was $11 off the pricetag, the take-home after tax being $47.93, IIRC.

    It's a big window box with a big vehicle inside. The backdrop is the podrace. The front box window on mine got knocked in on the way back to the car, but otherwise the box survived. Getting it out requires cutting a lot of seam tape on the box, then some tape on the tray, then cutting 2 shrink-wraps around the body of the Starspeeder. Inside the Starspeeder you'll need to remove 2 pieces of masking tape, one holding in the interchangeable screen panels, and another holding down the pilot chair.

    The vehicle looks quite good, I could believe it was a design-aid model if it were under glass, very little gives it away. The exterior details are paint for the big white and gray elements, and pre-applied waterslide decals for the little stuff - it helps to be picky about how yours looks, but the reality is that you can only see the left side, front and back, not the right or the interior, so it's always a gamble - mine has a slightly askew "Starspeeder 1000" logo and a little bit of filled-in slop, but nothing egregious. The orange metallic plastic color has a few swirls as with any metallic dye in a plastic, but largely looks good enough. The simple R2 figure in the droid slot has the basics down for his look. The only bit of the ship exterior I feel got a short shrift was the engine nozzles on the back, which remain gray like most of the back - some of that gray on mine has a tiny bit of slop, but at this color it's barely noticeable. The IC-360 droid's socket interior has stickers for the walls' detail, and the droid itself is fully painted in accurate coloring.

    The interior is all pre-applied stickers for the deco on the walls, and they overlap a little at the edges - that's common with bigger stickers unfortunately. The sticker nature is a bit of a bummer, but acceptable at the price. The pilot seat on mine had a bent control, but I was able to slowly bend it back into position without it even showing a stress mark. The open ceiling area without the roof has a couple orange paint blotch slops on mine, no idea why, but they don't interfere with enjoyment since they're not in a canonical area of the ship. The chairs, including the pilot chair, sport gray paint accents that are well-applied. Several areas on the interior have thin plastic stringers, easily removed.

    The size is impressive, it's probably not that far off scale, maybe 1:1.25 or thereabouts. Oddly, while the ship is only a little under-scale, the R2 it comes with is a little over-scale. The ship stands about as tall as the tallest point on the BMF, but looks bigger due to being a uniform shape; it's roughly the same size body as the newer AT-AT, but seems somehow much bigger because it's not tapered, I guess. The Starspeeder is hefty without being heavy, so it can be whooshed. Sculpting on the exterior is very good overall, a few elements not quite as tight but still good enough; the underside and aft sections of the SS1k are all sculpted as accurately as I've ever seen, although the movable landing legs seen in the boarding video are nowhere to be found - fine by me, it's not accurate to the one seen in line. The interior sculpting is far less impressive though, just 3 rows of seats and the pilot seat, no finer details sculpted unfortunately, but it's still enjoyable. The ship overall feels pretty strong, though the sides at the doors are definitely more flex than you'd want to grab it by.

    Pressing in the upper engine nozzle on either side opens that side's doors in unison and locks them open, it also lights up 3 yellow LEDs between the doors and plays the 5-note Star Tours chime, a great touch; a second press closes the doors. The lower 2 engine nozzles set off 3PO thanking you for choosing Star Tours, and the other is him demanding lightspeed, followed by a jump to lightspeed; both set off the blue front headlight using 2 blue LEDs inside (so close you can see the angle they're attached, but it's cool none the less), while the lightspeed also lights up the red LED at the tip of either lower cannon. An external button just behind the slope of the ship opens the twin concealed blasters under the front window along with corresponding mechanical sound and then blaster fire - the blasters reveal in a nice way that's slowed down just a little bit, and the blasters are small rubbery plastic that might be delicate, I haven't checked yet. Both the doors and the hidden blasters can be deployed without electronic features by depressing their buttons only halfway. R2 sits loose in his socket, he's sculpted adequately for a '90s Hasbro R2 except Disney didn't give him leg articulation or close the underside of his main body where his 3rd leg would be, so all you get here is a turning dome; press down on the figure and you get 1 of 3 R2 sounds as well as the main headlight lighting blue for each. The IC-360's hatch is held in with a very small friction tab, and the droid itself similarly uses a loose friction peg, it enjoys no electronic features. The interior has 4 removable panels to cover the cockpit-shield sticker at the front screen area, each one has tabs to set off a sound file unique to the image - a holographic Yoda transmission, an AT-AT on Hoth, a Podrace scene, and a space shot of the Death Star. A slick feature they designed in is that the 3PO pilot chair not only can rotate, but is removable so that the Star Tours Captain Rex figure can be put in its place.

    If this had been a Hasbro piece, it definitely would have cost a lot more at this size, but the interior would have been better and there would have been a little more variety among the sounds. That said, at $55 this massive piece is a home run and definitely the toy Star Tours fans have been waiting for over the last 24 years since the ride opened. In terms of my Star Wars collection, it almost shames the other big vehicles because it's pretty much to scale where they aren't, so it looks good next to the Falcon but it also reminds one that the BMF just ain't big enough.
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    I have one of these now as well!

    I have just one thing to add to JT's review comments...each passenger row has two seat belts that clasp in the middle seat with two notches and it's quite cumbersome to get those notches to lock into place. And this is just a minor flaw but on the restraint on my 3rd row, there's a few streaks of reddish orange paint.


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