This is a new baseball season thread started right after the Cardinals beat the Rangers to win the World Series.

The first post-season October 2011 trading news can start here.

The most noted moves in my neck of the woods were Padres management and Red Sox management heading for the Chicago Cubs.

(Epstein, Hoyer, and McLeod) They were all Red Sox before and my conspiracy-theory mind thinks all the maneuvering was done to orchestrate the Adrian Gonzalez trade and take him away from my Padres.

Certainly other late-season moves like Lance Berkman's made an even bigger difference, as I don't know why the Red Sox fell apart.

Now will the Phillies keep their dream-team rotation going into 2012? I was sure that would've helped them clinch it last season.

Texas? I didn't see them coming again. I figured on them being the AL West leaders. Only the Angels can challenge them for that. But it's not really a competitive conference. However, now they are the 2-time-in-a-row World Series losers. God that's gotta be awful for the Texans. However, I'd guess that if they don't fall apart, they might turn up as the AL West 2012 champions, too - unless the Angels can go the distance again.