The figures have been revealed for a while now, but Sandtroopers has carded images of all 12. I'm still not a fan of the logo, but the cards look nice otherwise.

It almost looks like Qui-Gon has a flared blade. The non-light-up Movie Heroes and Discover the Force versions don't have flares, so it could just be the photo, but it's possible.

I have no idea what the phallic accessory is that Darth Sidious has; it doesn't look like his lightsaber.

The Naboo Royal Guard shouldn't have the Character Debut sticker, though the last one was the specific bearded soldier, so maybe they're counting the shaven one as a different character?

It's interesting that they chose the TPM image of Quinlan Vos for the card art, basically confirming that the background extra was indeed him. I hadn't actually seen that close of an image of him before, or maybe I'm forgetting it.

Looks like Maul comes with a complete unlit saber, and two lit halves. As with Qui-Gon, it looks like the blades are flared. I'm glad they're not just reissuing the Evolution Maul here.

By and large, the figures look great. I'll be getting Qui-Gon, Obi-Wan, and Maul to keep carded. Maybe Ben Quadinaros too, if the mood hits me.