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Is Hasbro aware that many TVC figures are still not ringing up at the registers at some Walmart stores?

I picked up a Wedge Antilles when I was at Walmart and a friend of mine bought Nom Anor and Aayla Secura. The store's computer didn't recognize any of the figures. Fortunately I had two 2011 R5-D4s with me that the cashier was able to use to ring everything up. However, that store's computer now thinks it sold 5 R5-D4 figures even though there were only two in stock. That has to cause some problems somewhere.

I just find it a little bothersome that we're now 6 months into 2012 and Walmart's computers still don't recognize the new merchandise.

At the beginning of the year, when the Deleted Scene wave first showed up, we had the same problem and I used an old Qui-Gonn figure to let the cashier ring up the new figures. So, that store reported selling 5 Qui-Gonn figures in one night, even though there was only one Qui-Gonn in stock (it listed each figure as Qui-Gonn Jinn on the receipt) and that Qui-Gonn went right back onto the shelf when I was done buying the new figures.

I understand that Hasbro is going to say that this is an internal issue at Walmart that they have no control over, but it seems to be artificially inflating the sales numbers of figures that aren't actually selling well.
You nearly lost me there, at first I was like "why is this a question for Hasbro, and not WM?" but then I got there.