With regards to the Force FX Sabers (since that's what I'm most interested in anyway) I would like the question answered (not necessarily the suggestion about improving the designs, I just want to know what's happening with the line). If what JJL says is true, then I suppose the question could be stricken, but I went through as many SDCC write ups as I could find and none of them even mentioned the line at all. As JT said, it would be interesting to know why the line has stopped being represented at these events and why they are no longer making new models but if I'm the only one around here who cares, the time should probably be spent elsewhere. My personal sense is that this was one of the truly adult-centric items Hasbro produced (and as far as I can tell was relatively popular) but has fallen by the wayside. And frankly, if they blame poor sales, I blame them for Kit Fisto's lightsaber before any number of infinitely more recognizable sabers with the removable blade.