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    Question Whatever basketball gets played 2011-12

    There may or may not be any NBA action this season, but college b-ball is on.

    That Carrier Classic game in San Diego looked awesome! (especially the clouds and cityline behind) Both Ohio State and Pitt have easy opening wins. Last weekend, UCLA barely beat a scrappy Div. II Cal. State San Bernardino team (almost, 'Yotes! ).
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    Yay! The NBA rich owners and NBA rich players have now graciously decided to play their sport and charge us to watch!
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    I understand one of the conditions was that all of the players throughout the league will now wear the same number on their jerseys:

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    Hey, the Youngstown State Penguins, at 4-2, have an RPI ranking of 205 (out of the 344 schools listed); ahead of Tennessee, Notre Dame, UCLA, Iowa, St. John's. Keep it going!
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    Buckeyes handle Nebraska (still weird to have them as a conference opponent) on the road, but Pitt has turned to mush everywhere (had a nationally-ranked home win streak snapped this season) and is the only Big East team without a conference win ; even the YSU ladies lost. Then, my own school, the Coyotes, lose two AT HOME when they needed to make a run at their league title.

    Oh, and something probably happened with the getting-paid teams league. According to the newspaper, a 6-10 Knicks team would be the #8 seed in the East. Nice quality, NBA.
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