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    Will hasbro make anymore starkiller figures?

    Is there any chance hasbro will make more force unleashed figures of starkiller? hes a really cool character and theres a lot of outfits they havent released especially tfu11 loads of potential

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    It seems to me that TFU2 was kind of a dud as far as video games go. So, unless they decided to make a third Force Unleashed game, then I'm not sure that we'll see too many more Starkiller figures.
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    There's one currently out in the box set at TRU, so I wouldn't rule out another one. But, as BigB said, TFUII didn't make as big of an impact as TFUI, so it might be more up in the air. I'm thinking that if Hasbro does more video game figures in the near future, they'll be more based on The Old Republic, such as the upcoming Darth Malgus.
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    it might not have been as good as the first one agreed. but theres plenty of figure potential all the different outfit i wouldnt mind a figure of starkiller in the arena combat gear for starters


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