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Thread: BoShek Wave

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    BoShek Wave

    I received these yesterday from Planet Action Figure. I'm going to keep this short.

    BoShek: A-

    I've been waiting for this figure for a long time. I'm very happy with him. He has good articulation and the sculpt is very nice. The only drawback, he'll need his own stand b/c his helmet tips him over when he holds it.

    R4-M9: B+

    I've heard paint complaints about this one. Mine looked great. Unfortunately, the mouse droid is still oversized. Mine also had a choking hazard sticker on the bubble.

    Teebo: A

    He'll look good with the rest of my ewoks. Good sculpt on the headdress.

    Overall, I was pleased with these figures. I also take into account the size and the amount of figures that are normally produced. That way I'm never really disappointed with the sculpts.
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    I just got mine today.

    BoShek is a good ACTION figure. Good holster, great helmet. Bicep articulation on the left arm would have been nice. He leans slightly to his right. With any luck, he can drop that helmet on the bar an lean up against it with his left hand lingering on the butt of his pistol. Sergio Leone would be proud. His playabilty is promising. If he can fit in a ship ( I'm hoping for the Outrider) he will be a playtime favorite. With the helmet to hide his head, he also has the mark of a great army builder. If only he could have been in Ketwol's place. The paint on mine was average, with a little overspray on the finer details. The only complaint I have is the weapon. In the POTJ tradition, it is nearly totally flacid.

    I have not opened the other 2 yet, but I can tell Teebo's spear is weak(unless it is supposed to be wavy and bent). Other than that, they look good. But if you can only have one, go for BoShek.


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