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    Tell Us About The Last Time You Were Turned Down By A Girl

    I found a vent thread.

    OK - there's not much to this one, but I've liked this girl for 3 years and have even asked her out while dating other girls (though the one I'm speaking of shouldn't know this). She'd been "busy" but finally said she wan't interested. Not that I asked her out often - maybe once every 3 to 6 months or so - at least because if a girl tells you she's busy - she might actually be busy versus uninterested.

    But my dating anyone else aside, (and again, she should not know anything about that), I think she might only want to see:

    - another Asian (she is part or all-Chinese American I think - though I'm not sure - and she might be Phillapino-American)
    - another girl (she broke up with an Asian guy she'd been seeing and has not had a boyfriend for some time)
    - a pot smoker (I don't smoke weed. I'm not against it. I don't have time to lose getting stoned. I'm iust very driven to keep doing stufff, but I think that's a highlight of every week for her.)

    Don't think she's really my best choice, but I never got to really know her - if there's anything to know. I wonder sometimes if some people even have personalities.

    However, my physical attraction to a girl is the deal-maker, and this girl is very fine.
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    Where "text" & "friend" are (n) & "fail" is (v)
    I will attempt to keep my spirits up and memories positive and decline to respond to this thread, sorry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bel-Cam Jos View Post
    I will attempt to keep my spirits up and memories positive and decline to respond to this thread, sorry.
    You mean besides the above post?

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    Well this is a venting thread and an appeal for sympathy From all the other guys who have to go through the same thing, usually through no fault of our own.

    I mean the time I told a girl I was a star wars collector, I knew I wasn't gonna get a date then. There's no forgiveness for those of us who have this hobby. We're not allowed to be happy.
    Only in this particular story there's no way the girl knows I have a collection, however I'm not offering her weed . Perhaps that's all she's interested in. Can't help it if I'm attracted to her because she's attractive. But I guess I get more out of my hobbies and interests.
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    I still have yet to be presented with an opportunity to be turned down by a girl, I've never asked one out on a date or anything. The closest I've come so far is telling a girl that I like her, but she was/is in love with someone else. I figure it doesn't count, though, since I knew she was in love with someone else and I was telling her solely for my own peace of mind. And she said she knew already. Craziness.
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    Freshman year in High School. This hot red head turned me down, which is fine really, because as we all know gingers have no soul.

    It sucks though because she has the second most beautiful eyes I've ever seen, my wife being #1.

    True story...keep in mind I have been married now for 11 years...going on 12!
    May the force be with you.

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    Sith_Killer: real red heads can be very hot! I'm sure they have a soul. Maybe the devil's soul in them. But nevertheless, a soul. (as the expression goes, not referring to any supernatural / religious concept).

    There's another girl I like who had her hair (dyed?) red. She's blonde now. I don't know what her natural color is. But she looked great as a red head with flowers in her hair.

    Basker: first you did great by telling a girl that you liked her. If you don't have any immediate ideas, funds, or especially time (at that particular moment) to take a girl out, you might have at least intrigued her. The next step is to follow up. She's at least curious then. If the opportunity is right then, or later (maybe days later even), you have to ask if she wants to grab a cup of coffee (or a different drink), or if she just wants to walk around or sit down with you. Then start a random conversation - about TV, movies, books, whatever. If she doesn't like what you like, ask her what she likes and why she's into it. Maybe you'll learn all you never wanted to learn about Twilight and Harry Potter, or the Kardashians, but at least she's enjoying talking to you. People like to talk about their interests (just tempt me enough and I'll turn this whole thread into some huge presentation about the American Civil War, or an expose on the 2010 San Diego Padres). In any event, while you might learn things about her that don't interest you, or that may cause her to lose esteem in your eyes, you might also learn what you have in common (favorite authors, school subjects, etc.). Or you might find out that you feel she isn't worth going to jail over drug charges you get hit with because of trying to procure unnecessary entertainment for her.

    Well, now you see. This is what I really wanted for this thread. To be an advice thread, a support thread, and a venting thread.

    It seems to be working.
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    The last time I was turned down was not too long after I got out of college. I'd been seeing this girl off and on for about a year. It wasn't a very serious relationship but I did like her. She eventually stopped wanting to go places with me and was dating another guy not too long after that. I met my wife soon afterwards, so it all worked out for the best. Years later, I saw the girl I'd been dating before my wife and we talked for a bit. I honestly don't know what I saw in her back then. I do know that I ended up with a better deal.

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    Actually the last time was a friend of my sister. My sister has been trying on and off for a couple of years to hook me up with one of her friends. Having been single for a while I thought why not. So I called her and talked a bit. I found out we really couldn't do anything for three weeks because she had a road trip planned and then I had to be away. But we agreed to meet up after our trips. So three weeks pass, I try calling her again and never heard back from her. Turns out she meet another guy in that time period and started seeing him instead. Hindsight it's probability better this way. The girl maybe cute and very sweet, but there's not much for brains. Think Brian and Jillian from Family Guy.
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    Part of my parole requirements restrict me from telling you anything. I'll just say I wouldn't go digging at random in the pine barrens of New Jersey anytime soon.
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