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    AOTC Kit Fisto with bubble variation (L/S packed in bubble)


    I am new to this forum.


    I am trying to research an ATOC Kit Fisto figure (with the lightsabre packed separately in bubble) which I picked up a few years back. I don't actively seek out variations, however, I will buy them (when I find them) if they are significantly different from the stock figure, or are a recognised variant with an enhanced value. Despite my efforts, there is little information about this variation on the web. It would appear that it was discussed by a number of Forums circa 2002/03 (including this one), but nothing more recent than that. In fact, it seems to have caused quite a stir, as someone (SirSteve I think?!?) claimed to have one and posted a photograph, which was subsequently branded a fake by some! Does anyone have any info on this variant - rarity, value etc. Quite happy to post a pic if required.



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    Just read a couple of other threads re the Kit Fisto figures lightsabre.

    Just to confirm, this isn't just production fault where the lightsabre has fallen out of his hand and is rattling about in the bottom of the bubble. The inner bubble is completely different from that of the stock figure, with the lightsabre sitting in a tray to the left of the figure.



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