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    Exclamation Patience is true Jedi virtue.

    I read a lot of these forums, and I since a great disturbance. I since a great deal of fear and anger towards Hasbro and stores in general. This is not the path of a Jedi. Remember the words of Master Yoda. “Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate… hate leads to suffering.” If that is not enough to quiet your mind how about a quote from icatch9 (me). “Toys are made to make money. Hasbro exists to make money. Hasbro has to make these toys in order to make money (their stock depends on it).” You will find what you desire if you have patience. You have go and shop for them. They are not going to show up on your door step (unless you get them from ebay). But, if you go you will find. It may take some time, but would it be as fun, or would they be as cool if you could just walk into any old store and buy anyone you wanted?

    Besides, Hasbro wants us to get these figures. They do not make their toys hard to find or in limited quantities. Nothing like Treasure Hunts in Hot Wheels or other chase toys that toy companies use to bait their collectors. The last thing Hasbro made that was truly hard to find was the Y-Wing, and that was more of a mistake than anything. They thought we wouldn’t buy very many of them. So, again if we just wait and be patient we will get what we want. This would be the advice of any Jedi Master (Qui-Gon Jinn).

    Many collectors in these forums have some very harsh words to say about Hasbro. This too in not the path of a Jedi. Not many other toy companies even care about the collector. Especially the adult collector. Hasbro at least asks (i.e. fans choice figures) what we would like. So cut them a break from time to time.

    As for the stores, there is nothing that can truly be said. Some stores have scalpers that work there (even in Management positions). Some stores have policies because of rude scalpers. Some store have no clue either way. So, you just have to deal with it. I imagine that the majority of stock people in toy departments could give 2 Sh*ts about Star Wars stuff. Its just another box of stuff they have to put on the shelves.

    What we learn from the movies can help us in life and in collecting. So May The Force Be With You!

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    I since that your English isn't up to scratch.
    "Giggety giggety!"

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    I said I read a lot. I didn't say I write alot No big deal the message is still the same.

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    English is not your virtue! JK
    Thanks To Hango Fett/Jedi Tricks for the Avatar!

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    I believe it's spelled sense.

    As for Hasbro making stuff that's HTF, here's a list:

    POTF2 Freeze Frame:
    ANY COLL. 3 FIGURE ($300.00+ for a WEEQUAY!!!)

    Expanded Universe:

    Episode 1:
    Darth Sidious Holograph
    Pit Droids 2 pk
    Sio Bibble
    Queen Amidala (Battle)
    Jar-Jar Binks (Swimming)
    Naboo Royal Guard
    Battle Damaged Destroyer Droid
    (That' almost 1 in 5 from the EP1 line)

    Not to mention the Wave 2 Acc. packs, 3 3/4 inch Masters of the Darkside 2-pk, Desert Skiff, B-Wing, Y-Wing.

    There are MORE, but I don't have the time to list 'em all.

    BTW, if you order the figures from an on-line retailer (one of every figure) you CAN have them delivered right to your door.

    May the force be with you.

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    Well said that sith_killer_99.

    It's a nice cosy view. cut Hasbro some slack. Well if it was a small family run business maybe I'd be inclined to. but it's not. It's a global company that treats everyone outside of the US like crap. They mess retailers around left right and center. They muck around with case assortments and shortpack on the popular items in order to shift the crap they needlessly made. They make stuff exclusive to hype up the collectability factor and make sure they sell the danged things.

    They do stuff that makes no sense whatsoever. They create figures with no articulation or stupid articulation and then paint then badly and make them from poor quality materials.

    These toys could be excellent and they aint. These toys could be distributed so easily across the globe but they aint. These toys could come in better assortments but they don't. If you have no quibbles then you're a very lucky man/woman/ thing.

    It's all very well saying we shouldn't complain. But why shouldn't we be allowed to voice opinion when we know that hasbro read these forums and it's the only way most of us can get our opinions to Hasbro. Praise where praise is due and complaint where complaint is due. I'm a fair guy, I praise what i think is worthy and dismiss what isn't. The more people who articulate their views in places hasbro visit will mean more chances of being listened to.

    I don't buy into the attitude of 'we're lucky they still make them' which is ludicrous considering they paid so much for the license and it's a huge cash cow for them and they have to recoup the expenditure somehow. We'll be seeing these toys for a long while yet and I don't see why I should be expecteed to put up with shoddy factory produced rubbish when they could make the figures so much better and not lose any detail or increase the price.

    It's a mega companies greed that gives us bendy plastic toys with gimmicks intended to make kids go gaga. Hasbro are ripping the kids off with fragile toys that won't last five minutes. And that's wrong. And I'm going to say that it's wrong whenever i get a chance because that's the sort of person I am. I don't stand for poor quality in anything. I won't buy it if it doesn't meet certain requirements.

    Hasbro are exploiting us for every penny/cent they can get not because they're a business but because they're arses. If people blindly buy shoddy goods simply because 'it's star wars' then this will only encourage hasbro to churn out more and more shoddy and shoddier goods. Why let them get away with it?

    I hope that all the parents who buy AOTC toys for their kids complain when the toys fall apart after five days or whatever short time it takes a kid to destroy something. I hope that Hasbro gets enough complaints to actually do something about the quality controls.

    It's very convenient to use the safety regulations as a get out clause for why the quality has dropped and we get crappy bendy figures and vehicles but it doesn't alter the fact that they're still crappy bendy toys.

    Don't get me wrong though, I love star wars toys. Been collecting since god knows when - way back. My house is full of the stuff and I can't move for it. I'm deeply hurt that Hasbro have tarnished such a great heritage of toys with couldn't care less attitudes and greed.

    *And we don't all follow Jedi mumbo jumbo, some of us are more attuned to the dark side. It's much Less of a 'Disney' lifestyle that way. *

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    Well done Jargo...I'm new to posting but I have read these forums for a couple of years now and I have decided to start speaking my mind about collecting. "So cut them a break from time to time"...I will cut Hasbro a break once in awhile if they make the product we know they are truly capable of i.e. Bespin Capture Han instead of trash like that new Ep. II Yoda.

    I don't expect to find every figure I'm looking for. However, I don't like waiting 3 months to find a new figure or buy one on EBAY.

    Collectors and kids alike are the primary audience buying these figures and you would think that Hasbro would listen to us once in awhile but they don't. I don't like what Hasbro is doing and being patient isn't going to get someone an R2 with Holographic Leia now is it? Furthermore, long rhetoric about being a Jedi doesn't change the fact that the customer service at Hasbro stinks and we are the ones who feel it.

    That's my 2 republic credits...
    "I have a bad feeling about this..."

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    Don't worry lcatch9 you will learn the ways of the dark side. I myself thought as you do, but as you learn and see how Hasbro conducts business you will see the dark light and become a complainer like the rest of us. It's much more fun that way!
    [FONT=Tahoma]I was born at night, but not last night.[/FONT]
    You Shouldn't believe everything that you read.
    (Like my posts)

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    R2-D2 with holo Leia
    Admiral Motti
    Princess Leia (CommTech)

    Thank you Hasbro, for the upcoming Fan Club 4-pk of Stormtroopers.

    See, we CAN give credit where credit is due.

    BTW, I honestly believe that our screams of agony over the case assortments from EP1 lead to the MUCH better case breakdown in the POTJ line. So constructive criticism can benefit a line.

    We begged for a better Stormtrooper, and we got it. Collectors PRAISED Hasbro BIG TIME for the CT Stormie. Sure he was HTF for a long time. But again Hasbro heard our cries and have worked to correct this problem. Of course, because there was a BIG cash cow staring them in the face.

    Hasbro has done a good job on some things and many of us have given them credit for a job well done.

    However, let us not forget that, without constructive criticism the line will never get better. And that, would be a BAD thing.
    May the force be with you.

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    May the Force be with you.

    Well it is very obvious that many of you feel very strongly towards this matter. I do not want to get into an argument with any of you. I don’t think anything I would say could change your minds. Frankly I don’t care. I have had little problem finding anything that Hasbro has made for retail price or cheaper (including the stuff listed above by Sith_Killer_99). I am not bragging it’s just a fact. I don’t care how Hasbro does business. I have been at this hobby since 1978, so I have been around. I will never see your “dark side” views. I am satisfied with Hasbro, and if that is a minority opinion so be it. You guys can rant and rave all you want. If that helps or keeps Hasbro in check, then bully for you. And if my silly Jedi quotes don’t amuse you then I am sorry. May the Force be with you. Always.


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