Every morning I can, I go to the toy isles.

If I don't find something new, I make up some excuse as to why I need to buy more of what I already have.

I buy stuff like Star Wars and Transformers to feed a hobby addiction. I don't really need it.

If I buy toilet paper and laundry detergeant, I feel like I LOST money because need forced me to purchase these things and it wasn't very fun. It didn't feel priviledged, in other words.

Now, if I can't find new toys that I like, because quite honestly, it's the least mature, least necessary thing I could ever pick up, I go to find and collect movies, TV on DVD, or music.

This consumerism continues unless I find travel or another expensive activity like horseback riding or piloting lessons to fulfill an impulse to instantly gratify myself, or a cheaper alternative, like going to a movie, occupies my time.*

*Yes, I work and challenge myself with my writing projects and philanthropies, but I'm talking about my time and money I'm not spending on these activities. Everyone has or can force out some extra time and maybe some money.

Why do we feel powerful or potent, if we can constantly buy stuff?