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    Smile 2011 Christmas Hauls (and greetings/well wishes)

    Merry Christmas day! I didn't see a continuing thread, so I guess I'm the earliest up and posting.
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    Merry Christmas to all the SSGers! I hope your day is at least as wonderful as mine has been so far.

    I was thrilled to give my daughter a Nintendo 3DS this year, her grandma got her a Kindle. The boy got RC cars, Hot Wheels, Star Wars Playskool Millennium Falcon, Land Speeder, and figures.

    I got gifts from the Reagan Library, and Star Wars coasters.

    My wife got a nook Simple Touch with a bunch of accessories.
    May the force be with you.

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    Merry Christmas/Happy Festivus/Happy Hanukkah/Happy Life Day/whatever the Pagan holiday was before Christian's took the day over/etc

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    Got a 20th Anniversary Darth Revan and Bane. Tried for a long time to get those. Also got several clothes, a few books, and gift cards assorted.

    Happy Holidays and a Merry Christmas to all SSGers and their families.
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    Got the usual bag of goodies from my sister - jars of homemade jam, Chex mix (also homemade), caramel corn, and a couple other things.

    Got the usual $100 from mom.

    My girlfriend got me a Clone Wars Monopoly game, and her kids got me a Lord of the Rings Pez set.

    A few gifts from co-workers, one of which was Star Wars related - a Clone Trooper candy dispenser.

    I've got a few things for myself lately, though. Last week I finally got an iPhone. Never had a cell phone of any kind before. I've taken my first step into a larger world.

    Yesterday, I had my checkbook with me when I went to Costco, so when I passed by the CDs and saw the Pink Floyd Discovery boxed set, I decided to get it. The only Pink Floyd I had in my collection prior to this was the Echoes compilation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Slanted Powers View Post
    I've got a few things for myself lately, though. Last week I finally got an iPhone. Never had a cell phone of any kind before. I've taken my first step into a larger world.
    Another one down. Why? WHY?!?

    I went out this morning (wonderful what insomnia does to help stimulate the economy ) and picked up a few SW things (some even on sale): Advent set, Clone Trooper mini Transformer, mini Lego Rep. Cruiser

    Yesterday, my good hauls were:
    - Pittsburgh stuff (Penguins, Pirates hats; Steelers luggage tag)
    - Star Wars items (quote pens, mini lunchbox, Lego)
    - clothing (pants, shirts, nice socks)
    - calendars
    - mini umbrella
    - snacks
    - a few gift cards, moola
    - blanket, towel set
    - sturdy 3-hole punch (for school)
    - annual calendar lip balm
    - time with friends and family :mushy:
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    It could kind of be said I got a slightly bigger family for Christmas since my cousin got majority custody of his two sons earlier this month. It was the biggest family Christmas I've been a part of (so far), so that was pretty nice.

    As for the rest...
    Nerf Stampede ECS-18
    Nerf Bandolier w/ magazines kit
    Norelco SensoTouch cordless razor
    DC Universe Classics Indigo Lantern The Atom
    McFarlane Halo Reach Ghost
    McFarlane Halo Master Chiefs Evolution 3-pack
    Terry's Chocolate Orange x2
    Stargate Universe Season 2 DVD
    Dracula: Dead and Loving It DVD
    Clerks II 2-Disc DVD
    Muppet Treasure Island Anniversary Edition DVD
    Hot Fuzz 3-Disc Collector's Edition DVD
    V for Vendetta 2-Disc Special Edition DVD
    Watchmen: The Ultimate Cut DVD
    Emoticon "" Mug w/ cocoa mix
    Trio of Interlocking wooden puzzles
    McGraw Cologne set
    Personal manicure set (more puzzled by that one than the puzzles)
    $50 Visa debit gift card
    $50 Vintage Stock (comic shop) gift card
    Various candies

    From a friend:
    Han Solo in Carbonite chocolate bar
    Top Gear Stig-asaurus shirt
    Firefly "Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal!" shirt
    Firefly "You are beginning to damage my calm!" shirt

    And... somewhat of a Christmas haul: last night I used my visa gift card to buy a pair of Nerf ammo cases w/ streamline darts off of Amazon.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Slanted Powers View Post
    [COLOR=#222222]Last week I finally got an iPhone. Never had a cell phone of any kind before. I've taken my first step into a larger world.
    Wow, I gotta say, when you go for something you jump in with both feet!

    A cell phone and text messaging has basically been a job requirement for me since 2006. The service plan has kept me away from the iPhone, I just can"t afford to spend that kind of cash on cell phone service.
    May the force be with you.

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    This year was yet another good year.

    *Death Star Trench Run set
    *Remote Control Republic Fighter Tank
    *Luke Skywalker's Tauntaun
    *The Search for Luke Skywalker
    *Clone Wars figures - Savage Opress (armored), Chewbacca, Even Piell, Stealth Ops Clone Trooper, ARF Trooper (Kamino), R7-D4
    *Vintage figures - Rebel Fleet Trooper, all 12 figures from the TPM wave, another Darth Maul to keep carded
    *AT-RT with ARF Trooper (Ryloth)
    *BARC Speeder with Clone Trooper Buzz
    *B-wing Fighter
    *LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone Wars for Wii
    *Star Wars characters 2012 calendar
    *More Information Than You Require by John Hodgman
    *Classic cinema DVD compilation
    *$20 Barnes & Noble gift card
    *two shirts

    Notable presents for the whole family/other family members:
    *Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 DVD
    *Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 for Wii
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    I got the Death Star Trench Run set, Star Wars:The Old Republic: Revan, Star Wars: Shadow Games, Splinter of the Minds Eye(which surprisinly I've never read), a R2-D2 flash drive, and my son found for me the elusive Vintage Collection: Arc Trooper Commander. Not to bad I'd say.


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