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    I got word from a friend that the toy manager at his Walmart* reports that the DTF range is on backorder at their store. I don't know if these means this extends to the entire chain or if it's just select stores. Keep your eyes peeled and please report back in with your findings. If no one is finding these at retail, it's possible that a second release date, closer to the film's release, might be in place.
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    Exclamation Possible DTF shipping update...

    I read a rumour that sorta supports something I was told by a friend yesterday:
    I got word from a friend that the toy manager at his Walmart* reports that the DTF range is on backorder at their store.
    Apparently, Walmart did not ship any of the action figures from the DTF range until yesterday. It's not expected that the stores will have them set up until later next week. That's right... Next. Week. I think they are really cutting it down to the wire and that they might've been better served getting this out early to tie in with the whole 3D campaign (considering their range is the only one utilising the 3D gimmick in the packaging).
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    Has ANYONE found these yet? This was the one morning I couldn't get to my WM, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they didn't get them in yet, and that I'll still have a shot.
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    They've been found in Texas and Arizona so far. One person found them in a big island display with vehicles on two sides, figures on one, and nothing on another.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mr. Jabbajohnl View Post
    ...and nothing on another.
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    I was down at Steelyard this evening after a day that completely "SUKED". Anyhow, what DIDN'T "suke" was the fact that I spotted the big, light blue display in the cross-aisle between the media and toy departments. It's not a unicorn, kids!!! They had a bunch of figures (I think maybe 1/3 of them were picked through when I was there) and they had the dewback and the Vulture Droid. Missing, however, were the exclusive battle packs. I guess those are still on their way.
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    Found anything yet?

    Nothing yet, sir.

    We ain't found $#@*!!
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    I saw the Dewback and Vutlure Droids on last night. Still no basic figures and the pod race battle pack was sold out.
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    The astromech set went back up on Walmart*'s site this morning, so I was able to order those and get free shipping. WOOT!! I'm all set with this DTF range now.
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    My astromech set came in last week and I love it. I haven't opened the vulture droid yet, but I'm sure it will meet my rather low expectations for it. Still no dtf figures at the wm I checked this morning.


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